There is Only the Moment as the Falcons skittle the Eagles

Sometimes I think the philosophy and practice of focusing on the now because the past and future do not exist was tailor made for athletes.  Just because you win today’s game or match doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the next.  Having won five consecutive games means nothing vis-a-vis games that haven’t come to pass yet.  You can be at the top of your performance potential, you can expertly turn that promise into actuality (today), but there is still no certainty for next week.

Thus, it is paramount to celebrate the victory you just won because it may not come again.

Oh yeah, the Atlanta Falcons won their first game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles last night.  26 to 24.  Final score.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  You can watch highlights here.

1 thought on “There is Only the Moment as the Falcons skittle the Eagles

  1. Christopher

    La plupart des sportifs célèbres passent la majeure partie de leur vie vivant dans l’ombre de la gloire de ce qu’ils accomplissaient quand ils étaient jeunes.


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