Matt Ryan’s Dreams

When he closes his eyes and his brain waves move through the stages of sleep, where does his REM take him?  Does he dream about forgetting his locker combination or how to solve for X if Y were 4?  Does game film flicker in his mind’s eye like a dancer in a music box? Twirling and twirling until the last twinkling note.

I’m just curious.

By the way, the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys tangled toys today.  The Falcons broke the Cowboys’ boot spurs.  39 to 28.  Final score.  Get game summary, play-by-play, and stats here.

6 thoughts on “Matt Ryan’s Dreams

  1. Christopher

    Inconnue de la plupart des Américains, la Coupe du Monde de Rugby se déroule actuellement en Angleterre. Il se termine à la fin d’Octobre.

    Beaucoup des matches jusqu’à présent ont été très excitante – mais bien sûr pas aussi excitant que le Falcons contre le Cowboys!!!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Salut. I haven’t done enough research, but I wonder how futbol fans, clubs, etc discuss the risks of head injuries in the world of competitive sporting vs. just playing for fun. As entrenched as football is in American culture, more and more press and social media conversation keeps the topic at the forefront.

      And, of course, for every “but football is an American institution/religion!” reminder, there are probably three voices that shout “well, i was never interested in playing it in school and none of my sons either/greedy money bastards/how many more kids have to die before something changes.”

      When being ostracized by one’s peers is worse than death, how far could society go to convince young people that there is more to adolescence than group activities? Wait, lots of group activities look good when applying to college.

      I’ve gone on a tangent.

  2. Christopher

    “…….how far could society go to convince young people that there is more to adolescence than group activities?………”

    Lancer une campagne nationale d’encourager les jeunes de renoncer au football et à prendre le tennis.


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