Remi Gaillard on Marine Mammals

Dolphins and whales do not exist to entertain human beings.*

* As a source of sustenance (blubber, meat in times of plenty when the oceans and seas were brimming with animals), historical contexts are to be considered — X is how Y people survived once upon a time.  Logically, the less of a food source there is for you, the more you’d want to diversify your diet, n’est-ce pas?  If you conserve, preserve, and try to bring back the numbers of this food source, what amount would you have to reach before you decide (or if you decide) that this group will live to sustain the species and that group will be strategically distributed as food for the people.

I am an omnivore.  People do terrible things to animals out of hunger, boredom, and wanting to play (with something cute and cuddly).  People do equally terrible things to each other out of hunger, boredom, fear, loathing, envy, jealousy, pride, wrath, disdain, competition.

It’s a world of cracks and jagged pills and we’re just trying to manage the side-effects.

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