Fry Bread is So Good

I have wanted to try fry bread ever since I read about it.  I have wanted to go to an Indian Pow Wow* since I read about it.  Stone Mountain has held one around Halloween for years and today I went for the first time.  I had fry bread from Nikki’s Frybread and it was so good — moist, a little bit sweet, and reminiscent of the Taiwanese breakfast staple, you-tiao (breadstick).  Specifically, I had an Indian Taco.  Yummy, not gluten-free but I had to try some. I know from youtube videos that one can make it from gluten-free flour, though.

I saw the grand entry of the tribes and when the Red Boys starting drumming, my heart felt alive.  I didn’t take too many photographs or videos because I wanted to be as present in the experience as possible.

I came home with a pair of dragonfly earrings from Wild Sage Native American Jewelry and made by Peggy Leekya of the Zuni tribe.

I also got a photograph of a bald eagle from Paul De Luna.  The bald eagle is one of my spirit animals.

Here are a couple of videos I shot:

*Indian as in Native American/First Nations/Indigenous People of North America

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