Off Topic: Today’s Verse 87

First poem of the year.


I see myself behind her reflection,
I am drenched,
a pair of buckskins drying
on a purse rack.

Well-traveled, hard-won,
I see my breath floating
behind her reflection,
smudged and distorted
by panes of glass.

I see quivering cords of muscle
behind her reflection,
stretched like incandescent polymers,
folding and refolding
in step with a harpsichord anthem.
Elevated, punctuated
I lose myself with misdirection,
when she steps out of the mirror
I see not myself,
but the body I once wore
snugly, tightly
armor against the elements.

I see the cords disentangling,
they raise up calcium deposits
and rusted bottle caps.
Bend me now, save me for later,
re-weld my hide into the coolness
of the car’s interior.

Utility reborn,
She sees my reflection
as she rests her body
on seats of leather.

— yiqi 26 Jan 2016 1:40 pm


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