High School Athletes and Concussions

Out of curiosity, I searched the phrase “high school athletes concussions” in YouTube to see what kinds of results would turn up.  PBS did a story a couple years ago on the very topic.

A story by NJ.com:

A story by GQ:

I had a conversation a few months back with a friend about why it is that football is the sport whose game-play produces systemic injuries that affect the health of its players more profoundly than basketball, baseball, futbol, hockey, gymnastics, figure skating, and ballet.*  Hockey players probably experience more dental trauma than other athletes and rugby players surely endure all manner of bruising more often than a baseball pitcher or a futbol goalie.  Is it the length of a football player’s career that makes him compelled to play as hard as he can while he can?

 photo monica_bellucci006.jpg
*I add ballet here because it is a very physically demanding activity.  The feet take a serious beating.

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