All This Speculation Why Calvin Johnson

Wide receiver extraordinaire, yellow jackets hover in the air
watching, anticipating a complete pass
into the hands of Calvin Johnson’s grasp.
Possession unquestioned, headlong down the field,
one step, two steps, three pivot to cross the goal line
bearing witness a coliseum of feline pride.
The end zone opens up like a cake with a surprise,
it’s smart to know when to stay, but wiser to know
when to walk away.

— yiqi 8 march 2016 9:25pm


Yes, indeed, Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is retiring.  Read Bleacher Report’s article here.

We are spectators of his corporeality, his heart, his spirit and everything he’s put onto the field of play.  Why would Calvin Johnson retire?  Does it really matter?  C’est sa vie a vivre.  Sa sante est plus important que l’argent, que la renommee.

連他以後改變主意, 也不關我們的事. 你的球迷會永遠支持你.


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