Stop Living in the Past

And start living in the present.  Legal footer(s) on the internet, I’m talking to you.  As wonderful as it is when a website finally updates the aesthetics of its landing page, all its pages, or otherwise incorporates graphic modifications for a much more pleasing digital experience, don’t neglect to update the year in your footer.  Don’t let a potential customer or business partner back away because of one or two digits.

Check out updateyourfooter for more information on how painless it is for you or a developer to implement the change (once, dynamically so that nobody has to do it manually at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve).

I visited a few sites today that could use a bit of QA love (and development attention to make the updates happen):

First up, All Media Network.  How is the parent company’s copyright still “2015” when its brands’ sites are current?  (All Movie Guide aka All Movie, All Music Guide aka All Music, SideReel, and Celebified).

Next up, Emmis.

Now for Hearst Media

Pinewood Studios in Atlanta followed by two more Pinewood pages



Green Olive Media


Of course, when it comes to digital content optimization and creation, broken links, incorrect navigation, factually wrong text, and other display issues will always take a higher priority in web-dev must-do’s and to-do’s, but a little time spent now (and vigilance across all pages for the next content/UI refresh) will go a long way.  Would a tangible business have locked doors if they are open for business?  Pas du tout.

Pssst.  Zoo Atlanta (scroll down to the bottom of your page, what do you see?)

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