Good Friday 2016

I didn’t go full-out bunny ears for Good Friday this year like I did last year and years past,  but I did go semi-ears today.


I have an announcement to make regarding the content of this Sitting Pugs blog.  Over the last few years, the posts have skewed much more towards creative writing, prose, musings and not all sports-related.  I am going to re-dedicate my writings here to incorporate sports as news, visual media, and other stream of consciousness servings.

Starting today, all non-sports poetry and prose will appear on my newly created Tumblr, Yiqi Things, which I’ve also added to the Blog Croissant.  My first Tumblr, Uses of Enchantment, will focus more on reblogging awesome content I find on Tumblr.  I’m leaving all of the original content of the Pugs on the Pugs, though.

I will return to writing more on sports movies, including Creed (Ryan Coogler, 2015),  Southpaw (Antoine Fuqua, 2015), and 42 (Brian Helgeland, 2013) very soon.

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