Liquefied Carrots

There’s a runner’s high and an exercise high.  Is there such a thing as a carrot juice high?  Rarely do I experience an exercise high; the last time I did was less because I was feeling “great,” but that I somehow wanted to keep walking…and the minute I’d stop, I’d feel terrible.  Something odd happened today after I consumed liquefied carrots.  After waking up surprisingly early on a Sunday (for me) and having breakfast, I was craving a Spinach Slam from Arden’s Garden.  Upon arriving there, though, I wanted to try something different and ended up ordering a Cocomotion, which consists of carrot juice, bananas, and cacao nibs.

 photo Bjorkcup.jpg

There was a bit left of the juice from the bottle that I was able to take with me.  Estimating quantities has never been a forte and after paying for the drink, I decided to down that carrot juice since I thought it was a shot-glass worth.  Oh no, it was more like 75% of a Starbucks short worth of juice.  I was quite hungry at that point and so I drank a lot of the Cocomotion in a span of seven minutes.  When I had reached a gas station and pulled next to a pump, I thought, “Oh no, am I going to be able to keep this down?”

 photo Jess.jpg


I like eating carrots raw and cooked/sauteed/steamed, but I’ve never developed a taste for it as a liquid.  I was able to keep it down and by the time I got to a Whole Foods, I was feeling great.  Excellent…in the way that athletes must feel when they’ve reached that sweet endorphin spot.  Would I do it again?  Not sure.  Next time, I’m going to get that Spinach Slam, though.

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