Navy Seals Parachute-Jump into a Football Stadium

Oui.  I happened across this video on

GoPro cameras have enabled videographers to introduce perspectives and lived physics into the lexicon of visual media that when unedited ranges from the astounding to the calming to Andy Warhol-esque watching-a-man-sleep.  In this instance, it was more on the astounding and calming side.  I found myself thinking a few times how long it would take for the Seal to manipulate his parachute to “catch the wind” and maneuver directly overhead of the stadium.  The ground seemed so far away for a couple of minutes and then, as though someone had pressed a fast-forward button, it grew ever-closer.

Though the company has not had the time of its life in stock prices, I appreciate the aesthetic value that this camera brings to videography.  It’s also a sturdy piece of equipment.

I did a YouTube search of “animals gopros” and found a few great videos featuring incredible intended and unintended interaction between (and access to) animals and these cameras.

Notice the eagles that fly in from the background (high in the sky).

And then there’s the orca.

2 thoughts on “Navy Seals Parachute-Jump into a Football Stadium

  1. Christopher

    YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaw. This is as good a recruitment tool as any to attract would be Fightin’ Men to join-up to help extirpate those who are everywhere insinuating themselves among us to drain us of our precious bodily fluids.

    This reminds me that it’s a long time since I’ve read anything about the *Green Berets*.

    Do the Green Berets indeed still exist? If so, it might be nice if they, instead of the Seals, could do the honours next time another parachute jump into a football stadium is scheduled.

    Fighting soldiers from the sky,
    Fearless men who jump and die…….”

    Is there anyone who is left unmoved by this?

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I’ve read about the Green Berets. Apparently, they still exist.

      That song’s melody didn’t do much but then I started listening to the lyrics. Context is everything, isn’t it? Adjectives are important. One could say, “fighting soldiers from the sky, ruthless men who jump, then you die.”


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