Off Topic: 50 nifty United States part 6

Last year I put together a fifth edition.  Today, I’m compiling a sixth.


Alabama – Floridians are offending in AL.

Alaska – Will fishermen be able to go for the Chinook this year?

Arizona – Gizmo and Lexy are best friends…and they’re cats.

Arkansas – Indian food in AR.

California – From Blockbuster to hot pot.

Colorado – What to do with plants and flowers damaged by hail.

Connecticut – Foundations are crumbling.

Delaware – Special dietary needs dog missing in DE.

Florida – Driving in Tampa and Orlando.

Georgia – Who is Atlanta’s new watershed manager?

Hawaii – HI’s mental health programs not so healthy for teens?

Idaho – Fossils!

Illinois – High school baseball players are not sore losers.

Indiana – digitizes IN records.

Iowa – From barn to music venue.

Kansas – Senator Claire McCaskill and homeless veterans.

Kentucky – There’s a Paris in KY…and a bridge.

Louisiana – Radiation treatment for LSU’s mascot.

Maine – Library renovation update!

Maryland – Who robs an eleven year-old?!

Massachusetts – MA House approves transgender rights bill.

Michigan – General Mills flour and sickened MI residents.

Minnesota – Moose could be endangered?

Mississippi – Just dirt and lots of it.

Missouri – Another Dean is done.

Montana – Energy companies and renewable sources.

Nebraska – Blood needed.

Nevada – Teen from NV takes center stage at Carnegie Hall.

New Hampshire – Mac and cheese!

New Jersey – From food to friend.

New Mexico – College cats get new home.

New York – Hawks attack students?!

North Carolina – Skinny jeans are okay (again).

North Dakota – Remembering the 2011 flood.

Ohio – Saving a cat in west Columbus.

Oklahoma – OK meat farms under investigation.

Oregon – It’s hot in OR.

Pennsylvania – There’s a King of Prussia mall?

Rhode Island – There will be no electronic tracking of vehicles in RI.

South Carolina – That’s an intense index finger.

South Dakota – Super fruit helps business growth.

Tennessee – There’s a Milan in TN.

Texas – Water is on the rise.

Utah – EPA on UT: Cut back on the coal.

Vermont – There’s a Berlin in VT.

Virginia – Thought Logic in VA.

Washington – Fast boats made of aluminum.

West Virginia – Beef, it’s very important here.

Wisconsin – Cute pets in WI.

Wyoming – WO homeowners are not supposed to partake in short-term rentals.


Aside from Prince’s death being due to an opoid overdose and the shooting at UCLA and Minnesota connection…people are just out there being people by hurting each other, breaking the law, and occasionally displaying an upstanding gesture of kindness that content strategists deem worthy enough of being teased on a homepage or reported at all.


Map cred: usgs

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