Hockey and Other Things

It’s hotter than a hot pocket in the Peach State.  I spend a significant amount of my internet time watching and listening to YouTube.  Aside from watching the content from youtubers to which I am subscribed, I like to do searches on a variety of terms that usually end up being “__name of food__ challenge” or “__name of cute animal__” or “__name of actor/director/philosophical concept___.”

Today, I looked up “hockey” and other terms.  Here’s a  sample of what I found.

American Hockey:

— and one guy understands now why North Americans do not like futbol.

— there’s a happy tiger on the bed.

Hockey hamburger:

— quoi?

Hockey Rabbit:

Hockey Jello:

Hockey Mustard:


Bonus: Irish people watching football:

 photo StevieLJicon6.jpg

And now for something else.  Taekwondo and Kpop.

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