Wet for Let and Then Some

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog with word-swaps!  In the last post, I’d mentioned “bean for be” and “fillins” for “feelings.”  Today, I bring you “wet” for “let” and “b” for “f” (and vice versa).

Like so:
Let me breathe = Wet ming freathe.
Let me alone = Wet ming alone.

Let’s go! = Wet’s go!
Let us be free = Wet us bean bree.

Did yoo go to the fank yet?
Will yoo wet ming eat this fread?
Wet down the fook!
He always frings bood in the fed.
Can’t yoo hold onto the bucking bootfall when the other team wets yoo make an interception bor a touchdown?


And now for some Khip-pop and Kpop.

I love it when Beenzino lends his vocals.

Here’s Bobby from iKON — I listened to this song five times in a row today.

Blackpink, aww yeah.

Here’s Heize (like “haze).

This group, Cosmic Girls, has been out for bit but they didn’t make much of an impression until this song.  I listened to it ten times in a row this morning.

This last song reminds me of American 90s r&b/pop.  Speaking of which, Opposites Attract like an Escapade in this Fantasy where U Know What’s Up, Ghetto Superstar.


Are there any English-language tracks from the present that evokes the same kind of feel as these Korean songs?

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