Sunset on September 11

You sent to me songs
for a sunset on the wings
of black birds,
soaring on the wind,
slicing through the air
like plates of glass.

A procession of clouds,
a full display,
were vaporous skulls
and horses in gold armor.

Your jars of clay shaken
in a summer of arias
into the horizon,
which smelled of raspberries
that turned into iron
from a bottomless red.

You sent to me
these songs on
the wind
to remind me
night will come again.

— yiqi 11 sept 2016 8:30 pm

This poem was inspired by watching the sunset while listening to these songs and watching three black birds fly with such speed through the sky I wanted to be one of them. Photos taken with my HTC phone — no post-production done other than cropping and resizing (View all photos here).

— Find the Italian lyrics and English translation here.

2 thoughts on “Sunset on September 11

  1. Kavitha Rath

    I really enjoyed the description of the raspberry sunset. A modern reversal of the rosy-fingered dawn concept. With the black birds, this felt very transcendent and very appropriate for 9.11. The iron, the red… dark, yet triumphant (gold armor). And the night coming again is both mournful and yet comforting.


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