NFL 2017: Falcons unbox the Packers

Sunday Night Football.  The Green Bay Packers at The Atlanta Falcons‘ new playground, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  One day, I’d like to see a sporting event venue named after Endangered Species Chocolate or Lush Cosmetics or Anthropologie.


I didn’t tune in fully to the game until about the second quarter because I was watching Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s PBS documentary about the Vietnam War.  Both teams had gotten a touchdown by the end of the first quarter.  The Falcons held offensive lead through the second and third quarters.  The Packers’ field goal and TD in the second half of the game closed the score gap somewhat, but their two-point conversion attempt failed in the top of the fourth quarter.  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and running back Ty Montgomery put up a TD with almost six minutes left in the game.  They stuck with the extra point this time.  Falcons 34 and Green Bay 23.  Final score.


Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

2 thoughts on “NFL 2017: Falcons unbox the Packers

  1. Kavitha

    I saw the 4th Quarter. The Falcons seem to be the same team from last year, which has it’s pros and cons. The pattern I’ve seen with them is that they come out strong both offensively and defensively in the first half of the game and this weakens during the second half. Possible reasons: fatigue? false security? buffer comfort? feeling of squirreling away those points for a rainy day?

    I can see how it would be easy to think you have the game in the bag when you’re leading 34/10… or 28/0. With teams like Green Bay and especially The Patriots, I feel like a team can’t let it’s guard down. The grasshopper will steal the ant’s food. The defense needs to keep defending and more importantly, the offense needs to keep playing the game.

    I’m glad Atlanta won it’s first game in the new stadium. I’m also glad the Chiefs kicked the Patriots butt during the first game. It’s little consolation. I used to like the Pats but I think I hate them now for parading their support of Trump.

  2. sittingpugs Post author

    Since I’ve been watching the Falcons over the last several years, they tend to come out strong and put up 14 if not more points in the 1st quarter and are often in the lead going into half-time. They may or may not continue to score in the 3rd quarter; they may or may not lose their lead. Sometimes, they’re able to win the gave by the bottom of the 4th with a field goal or a touchdown.

    Going into halftime with the lead (or maybe a 6 point deficit) bolsters motivation, theoretically. You have to maintain your lead or put up at least a touchdown or two in the 3rd quarter. It may be harder to stay on top of the scoreboard.

    If your defense isn’t as good as your offense, you could easily lose the game — unless the other team’s offense is about as good as your defense, then you better hope your offense doesn’t fumble any balls.


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