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NFL 2020: Seahawks tweeze the feathers of the Falcons

The Seattle Seahawks ventured to Empire State of the South to go up against the Atlanta Falcons in a Mercedes-Benz Stadium bereft of any fans in the stands.  Televised on Fox, the Falcons started the first quarter with a small lead with a field goal courtesy of kicker Younghoe Koo, but by the very bottom of the first, the Seahawks took the lead with two touchdowns thanks to running back Chris Carson.  Seahawks 14 and Falcons 3.

Falcons running back Todd Gurley II broke the plane atop a pile of players in the second quarter, which allowed Atlanta to shrink the score gap but the extra point went wide right.  Seahawks 14 and Falcons 9.  The home team was able to go into half-time with a smaller score deficit. Koo kicked a forty-nine yard field goal, bringing the score to Seahawks 14 and Falcons 12.

The third quarter was not good to the Falcons. The Seahawks got two TDs via wide receiver DK Metcalf and tight-end Greg Olsen and an FG, which brought their lead to 31 to the Falcons 12. The Falcons managed to get another TD in the top of the fourth quarter via wide receiver Calvin Ridley, but the two-point conversion was no good.  Running back Carlos Hyde gave his team a ten-point lead over Atlanta in the bottom of the fourth. Although it was clear with three minutes left on the clock that Seattle would win, Calvin Ridley’s TD with maybe a minute left to play at least brought the final score to a one-TD difference.  Seahawks 38 and Falcons 25. Final score. 

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Observations & Miscellania:

1. Mark Phillips played what appears to be a pre-recorded saxophone rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

2. The Falcons wore all black with red accents (down the legs, outlining jersey numbers, gloves, shoes). The Seahawks wore white.

3. The Falcons’ kicker is Korean?!  His last name is Koo and his first name is Young-hoe (pronounced like “hway” at the end.  구영회.

4. I saw a lot more face masks on the sidelines at this game vs. the GaTech game from yesterday. Is that an overall NFL thing or a team/venue thing?

5. There were no spectators in the stands and won’t be for any games at the Benz through September.  What was the origin of what sounded like crowd noise?

6. The camera angles were much tighter in shot scale as if to reduce the awareness of the lack of audience.