Daily Archives: September 25, 2020

Calvin Johnson and the Sounds of the NFL

Former Georgia Tech and Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who retired from the game in 2016, got a “best of” compilation video on NFL Films’ YouTube channel today.  His catches were a thing of beauty, and not just because of the NFL Films visual style in capturing complete passes in the end zones or near the sidelines.  His bodyline was breathtaking and he could move down the field with more grace than I in a ballet recital. 

The content creation team for NFL Films should strongly consider putting closed-captions on their videos either via YT (and not that auto-generated stuff that might be improving in accuracy but the delays and missing subtitles leave so much to be desired) or in the exported file itself.  There’s got to be a considerable number of hearing-impaired NFL fans who would love to read what is spoken. C’est juste une idée.