Daily Archives: September 29, 2020

Less Stress, More Samoyed

The title of today’s post is from a comment I left recently on a YouTube channel by Adoolit.  I do not remember when or how I first came across his channel, but it’s been a bright spot in the existential grind that is being a homo sapien that thinks too much about everything. 

YT6LJicon YeEun_LJicon

A couple of the earliest videos I do remember watching was about bathing a samoyed and going through the drive-thru:

The YT algorithm then suggested I watch this other samoyed video by the channel called MochaMilk.

The inspiration for this post came from watching the following MochaMilk video.  I’m quoting myself from a FB post here: 

I read once somewhere that the fastest way to get your book turned into a movie or TV show is to avoid writing about animals because it’s costly and can make production an inefficient mess. My first reaction was “that’s unfortunate; there are probably a lot of good books featuring animals that people would pay to watch.” Thanks to the proliferation of animal content on social media platforms, though, there is no shortage of videos where pets and wild animals are being cute or weird or sad. When the camera is steady and the captions are on-point, it’s frankly better than anything with a million+ budget behind it.