Des Nuages, Un Parapluie, et quoi d’autres

I used to take a lot of photos with disposable cameras, then a digital camera, and then my phone and share them via this blog, bookface, or emails.  But in the last many years, I haven’t felt the need or desire to take quite so many pictures of things I saw that I thought were cool or to document that I did this thing or I went to this place.  A few recent scattered rainstorms in the metro area have, however, compelled me to capture the moment.

I pulled over to the shoulder to take this one:

This photo was taken in a shopping center:

I happened to look over to the corner of the room the other night during sunset when I saw a rectangular swath of light shining on the handle of this samurai umbrella.  It looks like a tired and lonely samurai, doesn’t it?


I picked up the September 2021 issue of Military History Magazine and learned about flamethrowers in this interview that Dave Kindy did with Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams.  As of August 2021, he is “the last living World War II recipient of [the Medal of Honor]” (14).  Woody Williams relayed to Kindy that it took practice and trial and error to figure out how to use a flamethrower.  When the wind wasn’t blowing in the desired directions, it was highly likely if not certain that he’d lose his eyebrows on account of the flame.  He and his fellow Marines “used 82-octane gasoline in that thing, the same as [they] used in their jeeps and trucks” and because the nozzle sat on the hip, there was no way to aim it (14).

See the man talk about receiving the Medal of Honor:

Read more about him here.

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