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Michael Caine’s Birthname and Autumn foliage

Michael Caine, the actor, was born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite.  When he was just shy of his twentieth year of existence, he went to Korea as part of the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers…because the Korean War was on but not sustaining the kind of momentum that a victor would prefer.  Contracting malaria a year later meant that he had to return home to England.

I happened to come upon this information while checking my bookface timeline.  Yes, I follow Military.com’s bookface page.  They posted this article yesterday about Caine’s memories while in Korea.  It’s not a long read.  There’s also a YouTube video where you get to hear him talk about what is quoted in the article.


It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been inspired enough to take pictures on my phone and post them anywhere.  I felt compelled, however, to share photos of these trees not only because the leaves are gorgeous, but also because they were on a particular route I like to drive when I want to escape the mise-en-scene of intown Atlanta in exchange for more appealing sights.

I took these pictures with my new phone, a purple Samsung 21+.  I didn’t start this year wanting a new phone but because of the whole T-Mobile-ate-Sprint thing, I had to get a new phone because my LG V30+ from 2018 was apparently incompatible for their network.  The only reason I got a Samsung was for the color purple.  I don’t use my phone for much other than texting, calling when absolute necessary, checking emails, and scrolling reddit, so it was easy enough to get used to Samsung’s interface.





Pic creds: IMDB, Stephan C Archetti (courtesy of Getty Images)