Shang-Chi Esteem Energy

Because “esteem energy” sounds better than “still gas” and “yet air.”

= Shang = yet, still, to esteem

= qi = air, gas, energy (as in vitality)

I thought about watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Destin Daniel Cretton, 2021) at the theatre but didn’t.  I’m glad that I didn’t…not because I’d have thought I was wasting my money or time, but because I’m so glad I can watch it now on DVD with subtitles in English, French, or Spanish (I really wish there were traditional Chinese subs too, afterall, 既然這部電影裡國語講得不少 為沒有 繁體中文字幕? Hmm?  Je veux savoir.


I just have a few things to impart (in order order):

Un ~ Meng’er Zhang is my favorite part of this movie.

Deux ~ Ronny Chieng is in it for a very brief amount of time and he was a scene-stealer.

Trois ~ Ben Kingsley? Quoi?

Quatre ~ The fight choreography and the camerawork together is so stunning, satisfying, and exciting.  Moreover, the cutting and editing allows for actually seeing the moves.  I was tempted many times to fast-forward just to get to the next sequence of spectacle.  Honestly, I got a bit bored by the time Michelle Yeoh appeared on screen.  I did not, however, fast-forward.

Cinq ~ I don’t know about you, but I want a movie focused on the mythological creatures.



Six ~ Simu Liu and Awkafina have really good buddy chemistry with each other.  Their line delivery was lot funnier than I was expecting.

Sept ~ If you plan on getting it on DVD or Blu-ray, make sure you watch through the ending credits — all of the ending credits.

Huit ~ Overall, while I like Shang-Chi and am glad I watched it eventually, I don’t love it.  I kinda like Black Panther a lot more (as far as Marvel properties and tent-pole blockbuster movies go).  There are too many people credited (and uncredited) in stunt work to just list, so here you are with a screenshot:

Dix ~ 清明節 (Qingming Jie) is mentioned a few times in the film.  What is Grave or Tomb-sweeping Day?

When I was in Chinese school, we had to memorize a poem about Qingming Jie.


Decades later, I can still recite it.  Curious about how to pronounce the words in Mandarin?  This guy enunciates very deliberately before he jumps into a song .

Pic creds: IMDB, Amazon

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