Daily Archives: January 1, 2022

Midnight’s Monologue Obsession

The goalie’s glove fit tighter than tights on a ballerina.

Sweat lined her proud cheekbones like royal guards on patrol.
He swept the puck away from the net without promising to do better than the previous attempts to swallow the other players slicing across the ice.

Too fast for his eyes to fully process, but not so quick that his hands and knees couldn’t react in time to avoid a facial collision with a hockey stick.

And then he woke up to the sound of a golden retriever’s paws tapping on the floorboards of his deceased aunt’s guest bedroom.

And he wondered where the ballerina went, the one who pirouetted and arabesqued until his mind lost count of how many times she defied the demands of gravity.



Bonne Année, tout le monde!