Of Purity and Perversity

Why does her gaze grip you in a haze of surface desire in a hierarchical maze?  Is it her unblemished skin, her pliable demeanor?  Easy to fold, easier to bend, and to curve into a crescent of obedience?  Ever-grateful, ever-eager to please or perform, so pious in an apron and blindfold?

Or maybe, she’s beguiling, a spectacle of novelty because she’s both virgin and vixen; delicate with an edge, innocent and haunting.  You could have both…the girl in the cafe next door who might give you a lap dance if the music had a groove, the outfit were just right, and you knew how to look without touching.




Today’s post is brought to you by an epiphany I had while watching some kpop music videos.  Specifically, Yoohyeon’s cover of Little Mix‘s song “Touch” led me to the hypothesis that non-Asian men find feminine Asian energy so alluring because it’s suggestive while still being wholesome.

Yoohyeon, a member of the kpop girl group Dreamcatcher, is cute and pretty without being child-like.  The way she dances evokes just enough to stir up sediments without the obviousness of Girl’s Day‘s “Something.”

Or the even more obvious Stellar, the iconic Hyuna, and the classic Uhm Jung Hwa with her song “Chodae” (Invitation).

And of course, the influential Sistar.

Nevertheless, I’m sure if you spend enough time with different Asian women, you’ll discover that we’re not all quick to smile and seduce or be courteous as a cue for you to become preoccupied.  Similarly, you may do a double-take not because you’re mesmerized but because you’re shocked, shocked we know how to operate a motor vehicle like a reasonable adult with turn signals, checking blind spots, and changing lanes like we know what we’re doing.


1 thought on “Of Purity and Perversity

  1. Kavitha

    Nice analysis. Love this: Or maybe, she’s beguiling, a spectacle of novelty because she’s both virgin and vixen; delicate with an edge, innocent and haunting.

    here’s sufficient variation within the trope too– especially along the spectrum of virgin in vixen. The outfit in “Invitation” is simple and elegant, very 90s minimal. I think a key characteristic is also that of restraint. And how exciting and different that can be vs. putting it all out on the table in a more obvious manner.


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