And Now I Want a Pink Umbrella


Sweet corn tortilla.  BlackPink‘s recent comeback with “Pink Venom” left me feeling indifferent until their VMA Awards performance, but “Shut Down” had me enraptured from start to finish.  The music video itself strikes me as a pit of a pastiche of outfits and props without a thematic intention (I have not looked up lyric translations to see if they suggest the art direction of the video means anything), but I love it.

I have no idea what’s going on with their outfits, but Jisoo looks great holding a pink umbrella, and now I want one.  Jennie is making me think of “Playing With Fire,” Lisa looks so cool, and Rosé’s hair is shorter!  She loves sitting on globes, doesn’t she?






FYI: Sorn and Yeeun of CLC collaborated on a song.  It’s very catchy and in English.

Pic creds: YT screengrabs

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