Army-Navy Brilliance: Feinstein’s Civil War prose

I’ve read some more from John Feinstein’s book on Army and Navy football. His writing doesn’t cease to amaze me, in terms of seamless introduction of people and integration of trivia. I really think this technique (applicable to the majority of engaging creative nonfiction writers) works better with prose than with moving image. In film, […]

On the Mind, Brain, and Bob Knight

There’s a book on the Korean War by Bruce Cumings that I bought a few years and still haven’t properly started reading.  It is among the handful of other books (fiction and non-fiction) that I still have not finished reading.   And yet, what do I keep doing?  Buying more books and reading a few […]

On the Heisman: I can’t compete with that!

I read.  I like to read.  I enjoy reading for pleasure.  Fiction. Non-fiction.  Periodicals.  Not so much the backs of cereal boxes (not anymore).  My favorite writers include Truman Capote, Dorothy Parker, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Clive Barker,  John Lanchester, Alain de Botton, Hermann Hesse, and John Feinstein.  My preferred magazines include Sports Illustrated, ESPN*, […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

But first, read my review of Lymelife (Derick Martini, 200eight) here. ~!~ May 29th, Memorial Day three years ago, I gazed into Brandon Boyd’s eyes and nearly walked into Wes Moss, a fellow Emory alum and a contestant on second season of The Apprentice.  It was such a surreal and thrilling day–so very popcultural.  Due […]

NFL 08: Chargers grill up the Patriots

The New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers square off on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.  Unfolding on the Chargers’ turf, the first quarter started with a San Diego field goal.  Patriots kicker Stephen Gostowski’s field goal was no good.  On the Chargers’ next possession, wide receiver Malcolm Floyd made a touchdown.  San Diego 10 […]