Images of American Youth Culture in Kpop MVs

It’s cultural appropriation when the Subject takes the Other’s customs as accessories; it’s cultural appropriation when the ideological Majority (re)interprets the Minority’s norms and tastes.  Is it a gushing compliment when the latter inserts former’s cultural mise-en-scene? I love these songs and the music videos.  I know that cheerleaders, lacrosse players, and football players are […]

Hope, Humor, and Crushes

Times are bleak, indeed, they are, some may remind, “when have times not been bleak for at least one person in the world?” Don’t remember, but the good moments persist nonetheless in the forms of art conversations with friends cat videos animals being bros. Don’t believe everything will work out one way or another? That’s […]

What a Difference 3 Months Can Make

All the people born, all the people dead….. RIP Chester Bennington. I’ve written about Kpop many times here, only occasionally about English-language music, and one of the bands that made the deepest impression on me after I’d been introduced to Kpop was Linkin Park and their debut album Hybrid Theory at the turn of the 21st […]

All Eyez on ALiEN Dance Studio

I’ve written about the Kinjaz but I haven’t yet about ALiEN Dance Studio.  In my many YouTube travels, I came across this choreography video of Tinashe‘s song “2 On” and was entranced.  I’ve seen several male-only and mixed-gender dance crew videos on YT with much admiration and excitement, but ALiEN Dance Studio brings a bold […]

Wet for Let and Then Some

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog with word-swaps!  In the last post, I’d mentioned “bean for be” and “fillins” for “feelings.”  Today, I bring you “wet” for “let” and “b” for “f” (and vice versa). Like so: Let me breathe = Wet ming freathe. Let me alone = Wet ming alone. Let’s go! […]