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Bamboo is my favorite source of fiber. I can write with both hands. The Atlanta Falcons are my favorite football team.

NFL 2017: Oh When the Falcons defense intercept the Saints

Now when the Falcons intercept the Saints
Oh when the Falcons intercept the Saints
I wouldn’t want to be in New Orleans
Oh when the Falcons intercept the Saints.

Thursday Night Football.  The Atlanta Falcons 20 and the New Orleans Saints 17.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Once again, I know the white stuff well.  It snowed across my city today.



NFL 2017: By the Hair of a Field Goal Falcons flick away the Seahawks

Oh yes, indeed.  The Atlanta Falcons went to the Pacific northwest yesterday and beat the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.  Final score. 34 to 31.  Read all about it here.

I was chatting with a friend last night and he said, “stupid seahawks,” to which I replied, “Seattle Seahawks? What did they do?”

And then I turned to ESPN and watched most of the game, half paying attention.  It seemed like every time I looked up from browsing Reddit, the Seahawks had possession of the ball and were moving it down the field.  The score steadily increased for each tame and then there were four minutes left; Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got sacked.

Get score, stats, and play-by-play here.


I was going to post this on yiqithings but I swore only sports content would be on Sitting Pugs.  So here is where I shall post:


And off with the garments
and onto the turf,
the quarterback throws
towards the waiting running back
jacked up with mirth,
and he cradles the ball
in the crook of his arm
breaking all the rushing records
as he sprints 40 yards
before stopping at the goal line
cause he’s a tease,
he’s gonna make the QB wait
for those 6 points
unless the QB can get there first.

— yiqi 20 november 2017 5:17 pm

NFL Films and Comedians on Football

I love football…or I love comedians talking about football even more.

Is a Hail Mary Pass really the last resort, the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket when all else has failed?  I’d always interpreted it as a play that has very little probability of success but because you don’t have any more pride to lose, you might as well try it.