Baseball Film Crew

Major League: Rated R
Steven Yeager – ran two-week baseball boot camp for actors, credited as “technical advisor”
G.A. Aguilar, Alex Flores, Stacey Logan, Michael F. Twarog & Ted White – stunts
Rick Le Fevour – stunt coordinator (there are a couple fight scenes)
Bill Hedenberg – aerial photographer (perhaps of the stadium?)

Bill Lemke – athletic trainer

42: Rated PG-13
Alan Graf – second unit director, stunt coordinator, baseball coordinator
Terrence Julien – Chadwick Boseman’s stunt double
Eddie Davenport, Chris Gann – Hammish Linklater’s stunt double
Buddy Sosthand – Friedel Pinkston’s stunt double
Heather Sease – baseball costumer
Bradley C. Bouras, Peter J. Smith – baseball coach, Atlanta
Phil Carlson – physical trainer
Ireliam Guadalupe – athletic trainer
David Kaufmann, Michael LaManna, Joe Porciello – library and research advisor, major league baseball
Stacie McKinnon – assistant to Mr. Graf
Mitchell Morrison – period cars
Dennis Reits – baseball trainer, Los Angeles
Nick DeKay – lead fitness trainer

The producers thanks to: Hank Aaron, Brandon Alexander, Tim Brosnan (Major League Baseball Properties), Marty Edelman, Derek Jeter, Joe Morgan, Eboni Price, Mrs. Rachel Robinson, Howard Smith (Major League Baseball Properties), Chris Tully (Major League Baseball Properties)

Bull Durham: Rated R
Webster Whinery – stunt coordinator
Pete Bock – baseball consultant
Grady Little – baseball trainer

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