Basketball Film Crew

Basketball Films Ratings & Basketball Crew

Coach Carter: Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content, language, teen partying and some drug material.
Kofi Elam – stunts
Dain Turner & Tierre Turner – stunt coordinators
Stephen F. Andrich – camera operator: additional basketball footage
Mark Robert Ellis – basketball coordinator (as Mark Ellis)
Aimee McDaniel – basketball assistant
Hernando Planells Jr. – basketball coach
Cal Wrenn – assistant basketball coordinator
Dave Scott – choreographer
ReelSports Solutions – sports coordination
Sportsrobe – costumes

Glory Road: Rated PG for racial issues including violence and epithets, and momentary language
Michael J. Fisher – basketball coordinator
Tim Floyd – basketball coordinator & basketball consultant
Aubrey McLaughlin – basketball coordinator
Autumn Lee Montgomery – assistant basketball coordinator
Getty Images, Historic Films, Producer’s Library Service, Universal Studios Licensing, WPA Film Library (archival footage and image providers)

Love & Basketball: Rated PG-13 for sexuality and language
Colleen Matsuhara – basketball advisor & basketball coach
Steve Spencer – basketball advisor

Just Wright: Rated PG for some suggestive material and brief language.
Mark Robert Ellis – second unit director, sports coordinator
Aimee McDaniel – assistant basketball coordinator
Jessi Moore – basketball videographer
Harley Pasternak – personal trainer
Hernando Planells Jr. – basketball choreographer/advisor

Semi-Pro: Rated R for language and sexual content (dialogue mostly)
Mark Robert Ellis – basketball coordinator
Aimee McDaniel – assistant basketball coordinator
Sportsrobe – costumes

Hoosiers: Rated PG
Spyridon Stratigos – basketball coordinator (as Spyridon ‘Strats’ Stratigos)

The Way Back: Rated R
Noah Ballou – assistant basketball coordinator
Amy McDaniel – basketball coordinator
Austin Pollard – basketball assistant

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