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Avez Un Joyeux Noel

Cause somewhere in the world it’s already that time of the year.

It doesn’t have to be about prayer or candles or forgiveness or mistletoe; it can just be about a warm handshake, a really good chocolate chip cookie or some good music.

And if you have no hands to shake, if sugar makes your teeth ache, and the only things your mind allows is whether or not the new year will bring upon you legislative oppression or socially sanctioned asphyxiation, there isn’t a thing I can say to you that will make any of it better.

But while you’re still here, while your skin still covers your muscles and bone and blood vessels; while you’ve still got a heart that beats and an animal instinct to survive, you’ll let yourself persevere with whatever method your conscience allows.


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A Tale for the Unexpected

After recovering from the wonky hearing incident (my sinuses were clogged), I’m now nursing myself back to digestive health after an early morning of spewing forth whatever it was that my bowels didn’t want to deal with anymore.  Not something I would wish upon anyone…not even a person who believes women have no right to decide what happens to their own bodies.

So, while I get my gut flora back to optimal operational levels and digestive capacity back to solid/dense foods, I’ll leave you with visual media of a musical artist whom I find so familiar (especially in the way he speaks and grins), but I cannot figure out why.  Is it because his stage name, Machine Gun Kelly, makes me think of the Japanese rock group Thee Michelle Gun Elephant?

I came across Machine Gun Kelly’s name and likeness because I was looking up videos of Fifth Harmony (yes, I went down a mashup-rabbit-hole).  He and Camilla Cabello (one of the 5h members) did a duet recently called “Bad Things,” which features a reinterpretation of Fastball’s song “Outta My Head.”

Machine Gun Kelly has a few films and TV work on his resume too.  I don’t listen to enough diverse, American rap to form any opinion on his skills or talent from a technical level.  I haven’t listened to enough of his own music to gauge how poetic his lyrics are, but he has a great voice.  Sure, nothing can compare to this original song here, but MGK does an impressive cover of it (alongside Tillie).

Why does he seem so familiar…like I know him from an alternate reality?

I love this clip.

I figured it out! His eyes make me think of Viktor Petrenko, the Olympic figure skater.

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In other news, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the UGA Bulldogs on November 26 by one point. 28 to 7. Read all about it at SB Nation.

A Time for Hearing

Whenever the seasons change, particularly from summer to autumn, and the temperature fluctuates enough to bring out or put away certain types of clothing, my nose gets extra snotty or congested.  I was expecting it to happen this year, but it didn’t…at least not in the usual way.

Instead, my hearing decided to go on a semi-hiatus for a week.  One moment in the middle of the afternoon, everything was fine, and the next moment, part of my head felt like it was underwater and the other part seemed okay.



Machine sounds were very loud (vending machines, laundry machines, ice machines); I could “hear” the vibrations of automobile traffic before “hearing” the actual engine noise of the cars; human voices were almost painful to the ears.  After a couple days and nights of much research, I’d hypothesized that my hearing troubles were partly psychosomatic and partly my body’s confusion about where to put the mucous. And the sinuses seemed as good a place as any — the pressure under the eyes and nose without the snot running or doing that oozy drip-drip-drop from nostril to nostril.

Things have improved but I’ve felt horrible, truly horrible, on a level I haven’t before imagined.  I *almost* would not wish this experience upon the most cacophonous misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, theophobe or all of the above.

I’ve taken for granted many of my body parts before, but I’d never considered how much I would miss being able to hear normally.

On account of environmental factors (air quality), I don’t think the mucous is going to recede completely any time soon.  It’s bizarre the way the body fights against invaders and protects itself from pathogens — by making you feel terrible.


For many Americans, today is a reason to eat all the major food groups (while still allowing for dietary restrictions) and to thank each other for whatever…

but the shadow over the feasting grows larger and larger every year.  I’m not giving thanks on this day in its creative history iteration.  I am, however, grateful for many experiences and people I’ve known (for better or worse) and the facets of the world that never cease to amaze and irritate me.  Sometimes, each time is like the first time.

History repeats itself because the equations have to be balanced.  Too much weight on one side always conjures weight on the other.  History repeats itself because there aren’t enough dissenters (of every stripe and flavor) in positions of agency and consideration…who would do things differently without threatening anyone’s way of life.

Harmony might be the goal, but if co-existence cannot be reached first, in what reality could the former take shape?


The Army-Navy game will be on December 10 this year at 3pm east coast time and televised on CBS.

And now for some Bjork.

Talons for Hire

I hear sirens already.

The following was originally posted on my tumblr.

The Talons come out only at dusk,
that in-between hour when the porcelain
lies down to recharge
and the granite wakes up to grind
their teeth on lost factions.

The Talons drip with money
spelled f-e-a-r meets l-o-n-e-l-y
in full capacity to stir up entombed
incantations spiked with barbed wire
and manic fists.

The Talons stake through every morsel
of soft and hard alike
until one day they crack and fizzle
from the weight of a multitude of masters.

Whatever well-intended patient zero
now a babbling, rancid cacophony
liquefied like their appointed enemy.

The Talons come out only at dusk,
that in-between hour when the porcelain
lies down to recharge
and the granite wakes up to patch
their teeth on broken promises.

– yiqi 9 november 2016 6:42 am