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NFC Divisional 2009: Eagles chocolate sauce the Giants with glee

The Philadelphia Eagles parked their flock of feathers on the trellis of the New York Giants’ garden.  They both want to go to the NFC Championship.  Broadcast on Fox, the first quarter began with the Giants and a field goal.  New York 3 and Philadelphia 0.  Halfway through the first quarter,  Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel intercepted Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s pass and ran the ball into the red zone.  Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb broke the goal line eventually for a touchdown.  Philadelphia 7 and New York 3.

The second quarter started with the Giants getting a safety.  Philadelphia 7 and New York 5.  Five or so minutes later, Giants kicker John Carney missed a forty-six yard field goal.  Towards the bottom of the quarter, Donovan McNabb’s throw (3rd and 9 on the NY 41) landed in the bosom of Giants cornerback Kevin Dockery.   John Carney made the field goal in the bottom of the quarter.  New York 8 and Philadelphia 7.  Going into halftime, Eagles kicker David Akers and a twenty-five yard field goal was good.  Philadelphia 10 and New York 8.

The third quarter started off with a forty-six yard kickoff-return by Eagles safety Quintin Demps.  And then, d’oh! Turnover. Giants defensive tackle Fred Robbins spirited the ball away on the next play;  Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis had to bring him down.  A field goal later, the Giants took the lead by one point.  11 to 10.  The Eagles flung up a field goal of their own for the lead again.  13 to 11.  John Carney missed a forty-seven yard field goal with about four minutes of play left.

The Eagles extended their lead with a tight end Brent Celek TD catch in the top of the quarter.  Philadelphia 20 and New York 11.  Another Eagles field goal towards the bottom of the quarter put the score to Philadelphia 23 and New York 11.  Eli Manning threw a second interception shortly thereafter.  Eagles safety Quintin Mikell got his hands on the ball.  Another turnover with under a minute to play.  Philadelphia 23 and New York 11. Final score.  Numerically a first?  The Eagles are going to the NFC Championship.   Wahoo!

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were the commentators.

2.  The temperature at the Meadowlands today was thirty degrees.  The Giants sat on the sunny side of the field.  The Eagles sat in the shadow.

3.  By the middle of the second quarter, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora was on the sidelines supporting his teammates.  He was wearing a dark  gray/light black suit, v-neck sweater (vest), and chewing ice blue gum.  He had to sit most of the season out due to a knee injury in late August.

4.  Bottom of the third quarter.  Donovan McNabb attempted to connect with Kevin Curtis.  The sideline judge threw down the yellow flag for pass interference on Giants cornerback Corey Webster.  The foul was retracted after the officials had a discussion.  On the next play, McNabb linked up with tight end LJ Smith.  Giantslinebacker Antonio Pierce was cited for a face mask penalty.  Specifically, I believe the the referee said “major face mask.”

5.  Before cutting to commercial in the bottom of the fourth quarter (after the two-minute warning), the camera cut to an extreme close-up of a male Giants fan, probably in his thirties…asleep.  He wore a blue ski-cap, had half his face painted, and he was asleep.  His friends aren’t going to let him live it down.

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NFC Wildcard 2009: Eagles flatline the Vikings

Justin Four. The second 2009 AFC wildcard game was towed in by the Baltimore Ravens. They beat the Miami Dolphins 27 to 9 (on CBS) and will go up against the Tennessee Titans next week for the divisional crown (unless I hallucinated this bit of info when I was watching the Fox pre-game show). Click here for details. As for the NFC? The Philadelphia Eagles slugged over to the frontal cortex of the Minnesota Vikings. Broadcast on Fox, the first quarter began with the Eagles on offense. Three minutes later, the Vikings took to offense then gave the ball back to the Eagles. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson returned the punt for sixty-two yards. A few plays later, kicker David Akers flung up a forty-three yard field goal. Rinsed and repeated (for fifty-one yards) at the bottom of the quarter. Philadelphia 6 and Minnesota 0.

The second quarter burst out with a forty-yard touchdown by Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Minnesota 7 and Philadelphia 6. The Eagles’ third field goal put them back on top, 9 to 7. A powdery dust of the white stuff later, Vikings quarterback Tavaris Jackson threw an interception. Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel made the snatch for a TD. Philadelphia 16 and Minnesota 7. Woohoo! Attendez! Were the Nordic ones going to back down? Jamais. Adrian Peterson got his two femurs into the end zone in the pit of the quarter. A sneeze afterwards, Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin stole the pass Donovan McNabb targeted at wide receiver Kevin Curtis. Going into halftime, Philadelphia 16 and Minnesota 14.

The third quarter started off with Vikings tight end Jim Kleinsasser making a couple strides down into the Eagles’ nest. I wonder how long it took for Kleinsasser to learn how to spell his last name. Man, man, man. Vikings defensive end Jared Allen knocked the ball out of McNabb’s grip with about a minute left in the quarter. Defensive tackle Fred Evans lunged after the ball.

The fourth quarter ticktocked down to 6.5 minutes when Eagles running back Brian Westbrook made a seventy-one yard mad dash into the end zone. Philadelphia 23 and Minnesota 14. Fanks the gourd. The Vikings still had time to do some rhythmic gymnmathematics, but then Eagles defensive end Juqua Parker recovered a poorly snapped ball with under three minutes on the clock. Anything you’d have done, I’m gonna do betta. Boiling down to around two minutes, the Eagles nudged up their numbers with a field goal. Enfin, beating Minnesota 26 to 14, the Eagles are off to shoot bottle caps with the New York Giants for the NFC divisional game next week.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were the commentators. The more of Joe Buck that I see, the more I think he looks like a sixth grade science teacher. The words “igneous,” “proton” and “asthenosphere” could come rolling out of his mouth…and convincingly.

2. Kevin Curtis was sporting a moustache. I’m not a fan of facial hair but he still looks marvelous.

3. The first half undoubtedly demonstrated that both teams were full of intensity and “know-how,” but all of their effort paid off in table spoons rather than buckets. Yes, DeSean Jackson plucked Tavaris Jackson’s ball out of its trajectory and Adrian Peterson got to the end zone twice, and yet….

4. Taylor Hicks apparently sang the national anthem before the game started tonight. I missed it or it wasn’t televised.

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NFL 08: Eagles juicy fruit the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons ferried themselves north to the city of brotherly love to temper-tantrum in the face of the Eagles. Televised by Fox, the first quarter started with a huge play–Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel snatched Matt Ryan’s pass meant for Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. In the bottom of the first quarter, Eagles defensive end Trent Cole slammed into Matt Ryan’s sternum and incurred a flag. Falcons backup quarterback Chris Redman may or may not go in for a few plays.

The second quarter started with a nice McNabbWestbrook maneuver, but the Falcons responded to that with an equally nifty LoftonDavis play. Both teams’ defense have done quite well. Atlanta’s offense amped up its performance when Matt Ryan and Roddy White connected for a touchdown. Falcons 7 and Eagles 0. Towards the bottom of the second quarter, the Eagles own quarterback Donovan McNabb put the ball into the end zone and tied the score. Going into halftime, Eagles in the lead with 10 points (thanks to a field goal).

The third quarter began with an Eagles touchdown tanks to running back Brian Westbrook. Philadelphia 17 and Falcons 7. In the bottom of the third quarter, Atlanta was two sheep short of a sweater in putting the ball in the end zone–even though there were two consecutive flags on Philadelphia that kept the Falcons in the red zone. On Matt Ryan’s third pass, he threw the ball towards Roddy White but Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard caught the ball.

The fourth quarter progressed nearly to the halfway point with no scores until the Eagles increased their lead with a field goal. Philadelphia 20 and Atlanta 7. Another Falcons trip to the red zone produced, to my unwavering delight, a TD made by Roddy White. Philadelphia 20 and Atlanta 14. Mais, Brian Westbrook gave his Eagles a bigger lead with under two minutes left in the game. Philadelphia 27 and Atlanta 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan provided commentary. I’ve never heard of these guys before.

2. Was I conflicted about team loyalties? I like both teams, I could be content no matter who won. Of course, I’d be thrilled to see the Falcons take the top bunk.

3. The Eagles lead the league in dropped passes? Is that what the commentators said?

4. In the minute before halftime, and the commentators discussed how many times the Falcons’ opponents have blitzed Matt Ryan, the graphic had Green Bay written as “Greeen Bay.” Hilarious.

5. Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis had to miss six games this season due to hernia surgery recuperation. He caught his first pass for the season in the very bottom of the second quarter. He caught seventy-seven passes last year.

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Pre-S 08: Eagles pb-and-J the Panthers

“Well, I do declare,” as Scarlett O’Hara would begin.

I might have to consider myself a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles now.

The Carolina Panthers came into their town on Thursday night.  Broadcast on Fox, the second 2008 pre-season game for both teams was interrupted by inclement weather in the bottom of the first quarter.  Neither team had scored with five minutes left on the clock.  It would be about an hour before the Carolina and Philadelphia would be able to get back onto the field.

Donovan McNabb quarterbacked for the first two quarters for the Eagles; Kevin Kolb took over in the third and fourth quarters.  Jake Delhomme was quarterback for the Panthers for the first half of the game; Matt Moore stepped in for the second half.

After the weather had moved sufficiently south, the game continued (and so did the rain).  By the bottom of the first quarter, Panthers cornerback Richard Marshall intercepted a pretend Eagles field goal.  He ran seventy-eight yards into the end zone.  Carolina 7 and Philadelphia 0.  The second quarter brought three more points for the Panthers (John Kasay was the kicker).

Nobody scored in the third quarter (but Kolb did throw an interception to Panthers cornerback Dante Wesley that was meant for Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson).  The fourth quarter was more eventful.

Un: Panthers 10-0 lead went to 13-0 with a field goal halfway through the quarter.

Deux: Kolb threw a thirty-three yard TD to wide receiver Greg Lewis Richmond McGee kicked the extra point.  After their next possession, around six minutes on the clock, McGee kicked a field goal.  Panthers 13 but Eagles 10.

Trois: In the bottom of the fourth quarter, holy candied yams, Eagles running back Toby Hunt made a fifty-one yard TD.  Mere moments later, Eagles linebacker Justin Roland intercepted Matt Moore’s pass to Panthers running back Decori Birmingham.  Seventy-four yards and one end zone later, the Eagles would win the game 24 to 13.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis (the reason I started paying attention to Philly last season) is still as ridiculously attractive as ever.  His hair has grown out a few inches.

2. Fox has televised NFL games for fifteen years. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman provided voice-over narration.  The 1st and Ten line and yard/down graphic were on screen.

3. Terry McAulay was the referee.

4. Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown was out of the game very early one due to a left hamstrings situation.

5. Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is suspended for the first two regular 2008 season games.

6. Jeremy Shockey is now a Saint.

7. Asante Samuel is now an Eagle.

8. Michael Strahan and Brian Billick will be commentating for Fox.

9. By the end of the second quarter, Panthers guard Keydrick Vincent had a hole (the sizie of a fist) in the back of his pants.

10. Donovan McNabb’s eyes are very expressive.  He may be smiling with his mouth, but his eyes could convey a totally different sentiment.

11. “Kolb” is pronounced “cobb” not “kohl-b.”

Click here for game summary, stats, and play-by-play.

‘Tis the Season: Patriots squeaked by the Eagles

The New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb didn’t play tonight on account of an injury. A.J. Feeley stepped in for the evening.

Holy Mary in a Manger. Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel intercepted the second Eagles pass just moments into the first quarter and ran to the end zone for a touchdown. The Eagles matched the touchdown when running back Brian Westbrook jumped over three players (two Eagles and one Patriot) into the end zone a few minutes later. With fewer than two minutes in the first quarter, Patriots fullback Heath Evans broke the tie with a touchdown.

Eagles wide receiver Greg Lewis brought the tie back with TD in the top of the second quarter. Patriots broke that tie again with a field goal in the middle of the second quarter. New England 17. Philadelphia 14. Ooo. Greg Lewis took his fellow Eagles on top with another touchdown in the second quarter. Philadelphia led 21 to 17. But the Patriots weren’t having second-tier. Wide receiver Jabar Gaffney made a touchdown at the bottom of the second quarter.

The third quarter allowed the Eagles to take top tier after wide receiver Reggie Brown made a TD. The quarter began with a touchdown by wide receiver Randy Moss that was reversed because of offensive pass interference on Moss himself. The fourth quarter put the Patriots back in the lead halfway through the quarter when running back Laurence Maroney made a touchdown. New England 31. Philadelphia 28. The Eagles had a shot to put on more numbers, but Asante Samuel made another interception in the bottom of the fourth quarter. The game ended with the Patriots winning 31 to 28. Although the Eagles weren’t able to achieve what would have been one of the most momentous feats in recent NFL history, they have demythologized and humanized the New England players. I would even argue that the Eagles played “better” against the Patriots tonight than the Colts did a few weeks ago (Indianapolis lost by four points 20 to New England’s 24). Perhaps not technically, but dramatically, yes.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Did all Sunday Night Football telecasts on NBC this season begin with an extreme close-up of Al Michaels?

2. Al Michaels remarked that “Tom Brady‘s numbers are otherworldly.” Not long after Michaels made this comment, Brady had to run the ball and then took a slide. New England sure has a dainty runner in their quarterback.

3. When the first quarter ended, Al Michaels said “…will take us into the second stanza.” It’s only a matter of time before he adds “trimester,” “chapter,” “prong,” “lap,” “verse,” and “act.”

4. Baseball players chew all sorts of things during games because they’re probably really bored (all that sitting around until it’s your turn to bat or take the outfield). Why do football players chew gum? Suited players too. So many shots of the side lines, so many jaws a chewin’ (if it’s not gum, then it’s Starburst, fruit roll-up, or gummy bears). How large a stash of gum do these players have that they can chew while they wait to go back onto the field? Excepting instances where they’re not going back in, of course.

4. Al Michaels likened the referee’s faulty microphone to an emulation of Marcel Marceau, the legendary mime. He’s just full of intertextual comments tonight, isn’t he?

5. John Madden believed that the Jabar Gaffney TD could’ve been reviewed. While Gaffney caught the ball and had possession of it, when he came down onto the field, neither knee was still in the end zone.

6. Patriots kicker Stephen Kostowski missed a thirty-two yard field goal nearing the bottom of the third quarter. Returning from the commercial break, there was a slow-motion instant replay of the field goal, accompanied by an unnecessary graphic that involved solid sheets of color covering the area outside of the uprights and a cyan colored line that traced the path of the ball. I think it took the cake in terms of ugly graphics that occasionally come along with instant replays.

For game summary, stats, and play by play, click here.

And now for something quasi-unrelated. Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis is ludicrously aesthetically pleasing (with and without helmet). I decided to look him up on wikipedia. One of the trivia factoids about him is that he “scored a 48 out of a possible 50 points on the Wonderlic intelligence test administered to all prospective rookies at the NFL Combine. The highest among active players.” I followed a few of the links concerning the Wonderlic test and found this thought-provoking piece on intelligence and quarterbacks.

pic cred: official Eagles web site