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NFL 2016: Falcons shred the Packers by one point?!

Oh yes.  I didn’t watch the game but I checked the score on NFL.com and yes, indeedy, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers by one point for a total of 33 to 32.   Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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I didn’t watch the game because I went to see The Handmaiden (2016), Park Chan-Wook‘s adaptation of Sarah Waters’s novel Fingersmith.  Park’s film  is a stunning adaptation and a much more compelling work of visual media than the 2005 BBC TV version starring Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins. As disconcerting as some of the narrative elements are (whether suggested or displayed), there were surprisingly, refreshingly humorous moments too.


The Korean title is 아가씨 (ah ga sshi), which means “miss.”


Check out this Esquire interview for Park’s filmmaking pre-production and production process.

NFL 2016: Chargers buzzed the Falcons

I started watching the game between the San Diego Chargers and the Atlanta Falcons somewhere in the second quarter.  I saw the Falcons do some encouraging and awesome offensive and defensive maneuvers.  While the Falcons were in the lead, I contemplated the following:

Psychological studies on the fervor of sports spectatorship, particularly American football, argue that vicariously experiencing the wins and losses is emotionally palpable on account of psychological attachment. In watching the San Diego Chargers both keep the Atlanta Falcons on their toes and boost their egos, I wonder if the cumulative excitement, disappointment or anxiety over a game’s outcome isn’t an indication that we (secretly) believe in community and need it as a catharsis. Even for us unapologetic lone wolves, iconoclasts, and other variations on a theme of isolationism.

And then the Chargers went and won the game by three points in overtime.  33 to 30.  Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.


NFL 2016: Falcons scoot the Raiders over the dock

I watched most of the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Oakland Raiders.  Televised on CBS from sunny California, both teams were neck-and-neck throughout the game.  Were it not for the Falcons’ field goals in the second quarter and the Raiders’ missed FG (in the first half of the game if memory serves), the Raiders could’ve won by two points.  But they didn’t.  The Falcons had this one….won.  (pun intended!)

Final score 35 to 28.  Get game summary, stats, and more here.

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And now for some YouTube finds.  I’ve recently come across this Scottish YouTuber named Erin.  She vlogs about being Scottish, paranormal activity, and other aspects of her life.


I don’t remember how it is I found JoeGo101‘s channel.  It must’ve been a recommended video on the sidebar, and it was this video: