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NFC Championship 2012: 49ers runneth over the Falcons cup

The Atlanta Falcons.  The San Francisco 49ers.  The NFC Championship game.  Broadcast on Fox and narrated by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the Falcons were on offense first.  Just four minutes into the quarter, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones connected for a forty-six yard touchdown pass (Julio and fellow wide receiver Roddy White body-high-fived.  Julio and Matt did as well).  They picked up three more points eight minutes later with a field goal.  The Falcons said hello to another TD in the top the second quarter, courtesy of Julio Jones.  Atlanta 17 and San Francisco 0.

The 49ers finally got their game going with a TD by running back LaMichael James in the middle of the second quarter.  Atlanta 17 and San Francisco 7.  Their momentum continued to build to another TD made by tight end Vernon Davis.  Atlanta 17 and San Francisco 14.  But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?   It is Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez making a TD, bringing his team’s score 24 over the San Francisco’s 14.

The 49ers closed the score gap with a TD by running back Frank Gore in the top of the third quarter.  Atlanta 24 and San Francisco 21.   Matt Ryan threw an interception in the middle of the quarter.  He wanted the ball to go to Roddy White.  Fortunately for the Falcons, the 49ers field goal attempt was no good.  But then, with under two minutes in the the quarter, Matt Ryan was felled and the 49ers got control of the ball.  What would’ve most likely been another TD for the 49ers in the top of the fourth quarter became a fumbled ball which the Falcons recovered…within spitting distance of the end zone.    The Falcons weren’t able to score on that recovery, though.  The 49ers went to the end zone upon their next possession (another Frank Gore TD).

Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas made three crucial catches for his teammates in the bottom of the quarter.  Alas.  San Francisco 28 and Atlanta 24.  Final score.

The Falcons will not be going to the Super Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Zac Brown Band performed the National Anthem.

2.  Joe Buck’s button-down shirt and tie were of lavender scheme.  Troy Aikman had a blue theme going.

3.  When there were over sixty seconds left in the first quarter and Matt Ryan was communicating information to his team at the line of scrimmage, he shouted what sounded like “Chevy olive” or “Chevy Impala.”

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

I Saw No Wonder

Detour: Chris Redman and Ovie Mughelli  Falcons no more.


The first time I had heard of the existence of this particular retail store focused on women’s fashion and accessories taste was on AMCs The Pitch.  The show presented the merchandise and mise-en-scene of the store in such a way that I was curious about what it would be like to visit one.  Lucky me.  My city now has a C-Wonder store.

I went to the grand opening, walked around, and saw no wonder that was reflective of the impression that episode of The Pitch created.  My initial thoughts while perusing the displays were:

– It’s like Victoria’s Secret with more normal clothes and handbags.

– It’s like Swoozie’s with more clothes and handbags.

– Is every other person in this store an employee?

– The web site produces a more appealing experience even though it lacks the visual emphasis on clothing.

A business’s web site should not only produce an authentic representation of provided products and services, but there should also be an effective translation of what it’s like to be in the store (if there is one).  A web site should make the (potential) customer want to go to the store*.  For C-Wonder’s Atlanta location, unless there is a stunning fall or winter window display, I can’t imagine myself returning just for the decor.**  ‘Tis unfortunate because I will go inside a retail store primarily for the interior design, such is the case with Z-Gallerie.

Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie are good examples of the other retail experience I enjoy.  Their online environment and tangible catalogue are consistent with their in-store atmosphere.

* Unless you’re Pottery Barn because all I need is the catalogue and an occasional visit to the web site.

** Why couldn’t C-Wonder have thought to expand to Atlanta in those months after Niketown Phipps closed?  That space would’ve been amazing for a C-Wonder…there would be enough space to be amazed.

Oh I know the White Stuff well

La neige.  Snowflakes.  White, powdery weaponry.



For anyone who has never seen, touched, or stepped in or through it, I understand how alluring and attractive can be the idea of snow.  Whether just a sprinkle or a smothering of the stuff, it certainly is a gem for the eyes.   I spent the first dozen years of my existence in Marietta, GA.  I recall two very substantial snowfalls.  Snow actually isn’t so rare a sight in Atlanta.  Anyone who has lived here for more than five consecutive years during the 80s and 90s may recall freezing rain over snow, but as the AJC reminisces, the capital city of the Peach State gets her fair spread of it.  Jeffrey Scott’s article mentions January of 1982 and 1983, a “Blizzard of ’93,” an ice storm in January of 2000, and a great snow event in 1973.  I wasn’t alive in 1973, but I do remember the other years.  We lost power in the 2000 ice storm.  Emory University still operated as usual.


Snows of the 80s (I don’t know which year these pix represent; it was probably the one from 83 when I was two years-old):





Snow from 1993 (last year of living in Marietta, I think):




The snow that flanked the back sides of our house was very deep.


Atlanta saw snow in the late 20th and early 21st centuries too.  As for Snow 2010 ( yes, I know I’m a dork):





I may not be as resourceful an opponent against the white stuff as someone from Boston, Chicago, the Swiss Alps, Hokkaido, Japan, or the Nordic countries, but the concept and reality of snow has been adequately demythologized for me.

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, yes

But flooding of this scale?

C’est incroyable!

Atlantans love to joke about overreacting to the smallest glint of changes in weather and levels of precipitation.  “I survived the storm/snow/sleet!” t-shirts, we kid, we buy in our collective minds.

Five days of rain clamored through the city and left many counties seeing swollen creeks that sent rivers a gushing.  I talked a bit about it on Flowfield Unity’s latest entry.

Click here to see photos; click here and here to see video.


And now for something much more light-hearted, ephemera assemblyman.  Awesome visual stimuli.