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Synchronization of Choreography

C’est merveilleux.  Ma grande prêtresse, elle est merveilleuse.  Lisa from BlackPink is putting out her first solo song a week after Labor Day.  Jennie was the first to do it, then Rose, not sure when Jisoo will get a go at it, but I am so excited for Lisa’s single.  In terms of the music itself, I may or may not be enraptured, but I know the dancing is going to be fantastic (unless the choreography is odd, though, Lisa strikes me as the kind of dancer who can make uninspired or bizarre dance moves look mesmerizingly esoteric). 

Je veux dire, observe the way she moves and the how she looks at the camera.  It feels as if she is looking at me, really, not just at the lens and thus, me:

Objectively, the synchronization of the dance moves in the top video captivates me more than the moves themselves.  I prefer choreography along these lines:

Dreamcatcher practicing:

The Kinjaz performing:

Just Jerk practicing:

And of course, ALiEN (I’ve posted this video before and I’m doing it again parce que je l’adore beaucoup):

Et oui, we must acknowledge the role of editing, lighting, camerawork, wardrobe, hair, makeup, and song selection in the multitude of reactions that these types of dance videos provoke in the viewer.  I realize as well that the vocabulary of all of these dances is similar, but the subtle differences in grammar and punctuation produces enough variation to facilitate a preference for these latter dance crews’ style.

Moreover, the same dance moves will look different depending on who is doing them.  Case in point.  ALiEN did the a choreography demo for the kpop girl-group Itzy.  The majority of the moves are the same, but the results are not.



Nous Sommes Les Lovesick Filles

Mon dieu.  Je suis morte.  BlackPink debuted their music video for their song “Lovesick GIrls” off their first full-length album and it’s beaming with great energy even when the lyrics are a bit downtrodden.

The first line of the chorus makes me think “Let’s Kill This Love” and other parts of the song is reminiscent of the bridge for “Kick It,” but I love it.  It’s unequivocally a BlackPink song.  The music video itself isn’t any more impressive than the typical Kpop videos of recent years — CLC and Dreamcatcher frankly have made more compelling videos — yet there’s something about it that makes me think of GOT7‘s “If You Do,” Girls’ Generation‘s “Mr. Mr.,” and BoA‘s “No. 1” for some reason.  


As for those CLC and Dreamcatcher vids:

Kalki Koechlin and Sobhita Dhulipala Made in Heaven

Seventy-two hours ago I had no idea that Kalki Koechlin and Sobhita Dhulipala existed.  And yet, when I saw their faces in the trailer for Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti‘s TV series Made in Heaven (2019), my jaw dropped because of how familiar both actresses seemed to me.  Despite having a dozen+ films and shows on my Amazon Prime watchlist, I’ve not done a proper job of watching even half of that content.  Once I saw Kalki and Sobhita’s countenances, though, I dove promptly into the series and nearly binge-watched all nine episodes of the first season in one sitting.


Before the first episode was half over, I knew why they both looked so familiar to me — they remind me of other Asian artists.

Kalki made me think of Hong Kong actress Karen Mok.


Sobhita made me think of Lisa from Kpop girl-group BlackPink.


There are also hints of Rosario Dawson and Deepika Padukone.

Watch Kalki Koechlin talk:

Watch Karen Mok talk:

Watch Sobhita Dhulipala talk:

Fancam focus on Lisa:

Out of all the foreign film and TV content that I watch somewhat or very consistently, visual media from South Asia is not as prevalent as that of East Asia, France, Italy, and Spanish-speaking nations.  Thus, I don’t know if what I liked about Made in Heaven would be considered lame, problematic, cloying, or overly formulaic — and I did find it highly entertaining and poignant.  I must add that Vijay Raaz was a scene-stealer.  You may remember him from Mira Nair‘s Monsoon Wedding (2001).

Pic creds: IMDB, BlackPink Official Tumblr, Ladies of Cpop Tumblr, YT screenshots