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Cotton Bowl 2008: Mizzou steamrolls that Arkansas

Cotton Bowl 2008 in Dallas, TX, televised on Fox, the University of Missouri Tigers lined up before the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. In the bottom of the first quarter, Mizzou tailback Tony Temple made a touchdown, the first of the game. He made another TD towards the bottom of the second quarter. Going into halftime, Mizzou 14, Arkansas 0.

The third quarter started with another touchdown by Tony Temple. Mizzou strong safety William Moore intercepted a pass from Razorback quarterback Casey Dick and made a TD in the middle of the third quarter. Tigers 28, Razorbacks 0. Darren McFadden, tailback for Arkansas, put the first set of points on the board for his team with a TD. The fourth quarter scoring began with a Mizzou field goal. Tony Temple made his fourth TD in the middle of the fourth and a few of his teammates carried him off the field because he pulled his hamstring. Mizzou 38. Arkansas 7. Final score. University of Missouri won the 72nd Annual Cotton Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The 1st and Ten Line was sponsored by AT&T (hence the superimposed graphic on the field).

2. My, what a big down-and-yard graphic.

3. The Arkansas sidelines made me think of Big Red gum.

4. The moments-in-history vignettes informed that the Razorbacks have been to the Cotton Bowl ten previous times, most of the games helmed by Frank Broyles. The 1965 bowl against Nebraska was a significant deal.

5. The halftime show consisted of 1600 band members and 200 dancers from high schools in nine states. I gotta say, though, when it was over and the camera went to a high-angle long shot, the view was quite unsightly. A cesspool of ill-juxtaposed colors.

6. Why do baton twirlers wear costumes as if they really wish they could be rhythmic gymnasts?

7. The Cotton Bowl has been presented by AT&T for twelve years.

8. Mhm. Bobby Petrino, ex-head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, was up in the press booth with the commentators at the top of the fourth quarter. He’s the new coach at Arkansas.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.

NFL News: Perseverance, ma Friend DH

Losing stinks.  Losing as the result of factors that were probably avoidable or workable doubly stinks.  Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall smells something nasty in the woodshed and his corporeality and senses are near the breaking point.

Understandably so.   But, if you leave, DeAngelo, then I’ll never have the opportunity to run into you in the environs of Atlanta and say to you, “Wow…I can’t believe I’m older than you.”

Apparently the Falcons do have something left to lose.

Hall’s promise: ‘I will not be a part of a losing team another year’

Associated Press

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — If owner Arthur Blank hires a coach whose personality is directly opposite from Bobby Petrino’s, DeAngelo Hall wants to return to the Atlanta Falcons next year.

Otherwise, the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback might demand a trade, though Hall stopped short this week of making a final statement about his future with Atlanta.

“I can’t do this no more,” Hall said. “I won’t do this no more, let me say that. I will not be a part of a losing team another year, no matter what I got to do, no matter who hates me, whatever. I won’t be a part of a losing team again, not if I can help it. “

Hall remains an outspoken critic of Petrino, who resigned last week after just 13 games and left for Arkansas. Despite missing the Pro Bowl team announced this week, Hall insists he’s more upset that the Falcons are in disarray after Blank fired Jim Mora and replaced him with Petrino.

The Falcons (3-11) have a five-game losing streak entering this weekend at Arizona (6-8).

“We went from one extreme of having a coach who played music in practice and a guy you could sit down and have a conversation with to the furthest extreme possible with a coach that don’t even want to look at you in the face,” Hall said. “Walks past you and doesn’t even say anything to you. Never smiled.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Stunned and Crushed is Arthur Blank

 The upper echelons respond.

Blank, McKay talk about Petrino resignation

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Falcons Owner and CEO Arthur Blank used a visual aid when he spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon about Bobby Petrino’s abrupt resignation as the team’s head coach after just 13 games on the sideline.

The owner, speaking in the team meeting room with President and General Manager Rich McKay, pointed to a list of values hanging on the wall to his right. Petrino had the board installed at the beginning of his tenure. It includes motivational words linked directly to football — four points for four quarters tied together by a one key word at the bottom.


Thumping his hand on the podium with each point, Blank made it clear that Petrino did not “finish” what he started with the Falcons. The owner said the coach showed poor timing in the move and that he assured him as late as Monday afternoon that he would be the coach of the Falcons heading into next season.

“I think the best way to describe it is that we feel betrayed and let down,” Blank said in front of 16 cameras from various news sources and more than two dozen reporters.

Read the rest of the article here.

Read more at NFL.com here.

I’m saddened by the way 2007 (as a year and not just a football season) will end for the Falcons.  The chaos that is brewing as a result of Petrino’s departure is only going to intensify.  Moreover, there is the quarterback question.  I’m no talisman of hope and glory; I don’t know any saviors, but I wish I could help reign in the chaos.  The Falcons have fallen a long way down and are in the market for a redemption narrative.  They’re nearly at the point where they don’t have anything left to lose.  Thus, Mr. Blank, if your eyes happen across these words, I’d like to lend a hand (or an ear, photoshopping skills, or a joy of organizing paper and other objects).


NFL News: Bobby Petrino gets packing

  Probably better to get on the road before the downpour.

From NFL.com:

Petrino resigns as Falcons coach, takes Arkansas job

ATLANTA — Bobby Petrino resigned as Atlanta Falcons head coach Tuesday to take the same position with the University of Arkansas, the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter is reporting.

Petrino left Louisville to become Falcons coach in January for a five-year, $24 million contract, largely because Atlanta felt he could help star quarterback Michael Vick reach his full potential.

A few months later, Vick came under investigation for a grisly dogfighting operation that eventually led him to plead guilty to federal charges. He was sentenced Monday to 23 months in prison without ever taking a snap for Petrino.

The Falcons said they would have no further comment on Petrino’s decision until a Wednesday news conference with owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay.

Just two weeks ago, Petrino said he wasn’t interested in any of the openings at several major college programs, and that he intended to return in 2008 for his second year as coach of the Falcons.

“I haven’t given it one bit of thought,” Petrino said on Nov. 26. “I certainly don’t want to get into any speculation and rumors and having to deal with that. I’m focused on our football team here and focused on playing the Rams this week.”

Petrino assembled one of college football’s highest-scoring offenses at Louisville, but the Falcons were anemic without Vick. They also were plagued by injuries on the offensive line, which forced them to start two players who weren’t even drafted out of college.

Just hours after Vick’s sentencing in Richmond, Va., Atlanta took its fourth straight double-digit loss, 34-14 to the New Orleans Saints.

“Not a good day,” Petrino said afterward.



Read the rest of this turn of events here.

‘Tis the Season: Buccaneers thrash the Falcons

All was not well in the house of Falcon.

After defeating the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers, with Joey Harrington as quarterback, the Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino assigned quarterbacking duties to Byron Leftwich in their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Georgia Dome (televised by Fox). I’m not going to address this choice, but I’ll ponder about its implications further down.

Tampa Bay put fourteen points on the board by the end of the first half of the game (wide receiver Joey Galloway made a touchdown in the first quarter; cornerback Ronde Barber made a fumble recovery TD in the second quarter after Leftwich was sacked). 14 to 0.

In the second half of the game, the Buccaneers got three points from a field goal (third quarter). Shortly thereafter, tight end Alex Smith put another TD on the board, expanding the score gap even farther. Tampa Bay 24. Atlanta 0. Harrington went back in as quarterback near the bottom of the third quarter. The top of the fourth quarter greeted Atlanta with six more points and a one-point conversion by Tampa (thanks to running back Ernest Graham). Tampa Bay 31. Atlanta 0.

Falcons wide receiver Adam Jennings made a touchdown with about a minute left on the clock, but that just kept their loss from being a completely unmitigated plunder. Instead of Atlanta Rien, Zip, they get 7 to Tampa Bay’s 31.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The greatest commercial featuring horses ever (possible exception is one of those Stetson cfs from the late 90s). The ad starts with a set of brown horse’s legs coming into frame from the left. One of the legs approaches a line in a field of snow and then it rewinds two times. The camera cuts to a long shot of two groups of brown horses on a snowy field, and there’s a zebra looking into an instan replay machine. The camera cuts of a medium close-up of the brown horses and then to two human males leaning against a fence. The younger man says, “That referee is a jackass.” The other, older man (with whiskers and donning a cowboy hat), replies, “Nope, I believe that’s a zebra.” And then cut to black and the Budweiser logo.

Apparently, it’s one of the commercials from Super Bowl 2003.

2. Whether or not today’s game’s outcome has more to do with who was quarterbacking and when for Atlanta (rather than receivers holding onto the ball better or linebackers blocking better) is ultimately unimportant. The implications of who feels more responsible or who has to bear that burden, however, are more relevant. Because football games are not won by individuals alone–they’re won by individual effort combining and working in harmony. When a team, like the Falcons, has not been able to cultivate the kind of chemistry and instinctual, tacit understanding between pertinent players necessary to be victorious consistently, what does one think is going to happen? Cynically speaking, games that are won may have more to do with luck and a weaker opponent than anything else.

C’est la vie.

Read more, get stats, and play-by-play here.

Edit:  According to an ad that played during the Patriots vs. Bills game, the Colts vs. Falcons Thanksgiving game will be on MyATLtv for all you Atlantans.  I’ll check the web site on Wednesday or Thursday to be sure.

The game between the Falcons and the Colts Thanksgiving night will be on NFL Network (not any local station as far as the Falcons web site suggests).