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His cool suede boots

Thematically and narratively similar to the Highlight of my Taco Mac bench and the Highlights of my Dane, I had a wonderful conversation with a stranger this mid-morning in my trip to my nearest Starbux location.  Firstly, an unbelievably handsome, strapping lad with very good posture opened the door for me.  Secondly, I saw a father and son standing in front of the pastry display case.  The father let me order first.   He was holding his son in the crook of his left arm, so I had a perfect view of the son’s brown suede boots.  They were too cool for Tool, similar to but not exactly like this one:

I remarked, “His boots are so cool.  If I were a boy his age, I’d want shoes just like those.”

The boy’s father thanked me and then said to his son, “What do we say? What do we say when talking to an adult?”

The boy looked up at me, smiling shyly and said, “Thank you.”

The father explained why his son was wearing those particular boots and noted that Lowes stores are better organized in terms of presentation of merchandise but service is much better at Home Depot–the employees are more knowledgeable and actually acknowledge your presence.

The father was tall and looked like a mix between Roger Goodell and George Peppard.

I live for these moments.