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The Origins of Long Time No See

I never wondered about the origins of the phrase, “long time no see,” and have never stopped to think if it even makes sense in English because it’s such an oft-spoken abbreviated expression for “it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Well, apparently, we have the British navy to thank for this one…and by the way, it comes from a Chinese phrase that literally means, “long time no see.”


Learn the etymological story behind other words like “ketchup,” “chow,” “kowtow,” “add oil,” “Shih Tzu,” “paper tiger,” “brainwash,” and “lose face.”

There’s also a sponsor plug for Rosetta Stone.

Pic cred: YT screengrab

Chinese Touchdowns

I was curious to see what would result from a google search of “我喜歡美式足球” (“I like American football”).  Today, I learned that even though the sport isn’t too popular in Taiwan, there are fans who love the game so much that they started their own team.  According to this TWReporter article, the Taipei Predators consists of the Taiwan Black Bears, the Taipei Freaks, Soochow Badgers*, and flag football players. The players, aged nineteen to thirty-five, come from diverse backgrounds — from students, engineers, resource managers, interpreters, entrepreneurs, insurance agents, to sushi chefs.

Though additional research did not turn up information about the aforementioned Black bears, Freaks, or Badgers, I did find Taiwan’s competitive flag football league, the Gridiron Kings.  People who like American football in Hong Kong have an amateur team too — the War Hawks.


 photo Cherries5.jpg

*I’m guessing that these “Badgers” are comprised of students from Soochow University.