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Pre-S 08: Titans shimmy past the Raiders

Sometimes the fourth quarter in a football game progresses like a slow jam on the patio during a humid, southern twilight–it ends like a sleep-deprived, lonely heart.  Other times, the fourth quarter flutters, sputters, and snaps out of lethargy like a famished human hearing the words, “free beer and pizza.”

Fox televised the Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans game Friday night; and its fourth quarter was arguably an amalgamation of both kinds of dramatic manifestations.

The short of it is that the Titans beat the Raiders 17 to 16.  Tennessee’s points came from a touchdown in the second quarter (thanks to fullback Ahmard Hall), a TD in the third quarter (made by wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins), and a John Vaughn field goal in the mosh pit bottom of the fourth quarter.  Oakland’s numbers came from a TD at the top of the second quarter (courtesy of tight end Zach Miller) and three field goals in the second and fourth quarters (all delivered by Aaron Elling).

Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and Ingle Martin quarterbacked for the Titans.  JaMarcus Russell and Andrew Walter quarterbacked for the Raiders.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Voice-over narration was provided by Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston with on-field commentary by Tony Siragusa and Chris Myers.

2. Hoopla, hoopla.  Yes, now one of the defense players can wear a green-dot helmet which allows for one-way communication with the defensive coordinator.  Like a spoken telegram in real-time.

3. About halfway through the first quarter, Tennessee punted the ball to Oakland.  Wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins didn’t return it too far up the field.  The camera filmed the play in a high-angle long shot, the framing just off-center.  When the other players (from both teams) ran towards Higgins, it looked as if a burst of wind or a wave of water was rushing to meet him.

4. The entire game was a train-load of hits and misses.  Just when the “ooos” and “aaahhhs” came forth from the spectators, passes were incomplete or there was a yellow flag on the field. And then the fourth quarter happened.  The Raiders reclaimed their lead with the second field goal in the fourth.  With fewer than three minutes on the game clock, running back Adimchinobi Echemandu ran seventy-two yards towards the end zone but was brought down by Titans cornerback Marquice Cole around the ten yard line.  Echemandu tries two more times to get into the zone but to no avail.  By the end of the quarter, Tennessee got the ball back, moved back down the field, and got within field goal range (thanks to wide receiver Biren Ealy and wide receiver Chris Davis, #17).

5. There are two Chris Davises on the Titans team.  Number 17 and Number 16.

6. The Raiders and the Titans both have a Chris Johnson on their team.  Cornerback for Oakland and running back for Tennessee.

Get the complete game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


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