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NFL 2009: Falcons nectarine the Panthers

The Atlanta Falcons went old school uniform and the Carolina Panthers contended with GA rain today at the Dome.  Broadcast on Fox, the Panthers went on offense first and ended their drive with a field goal (thirty-eight yards kicked by John Kasay).  Carolina 3 and Atlanta 0.  When the Falcons got to bat, the Panthers head coach John Fox challenged the complete pass made when Matt Ryan threw to tight end Tony Gonzalez.   The Panthers won the challenge; Roddy White’s subsequent complete pass was then “undone,” as if it never happened.  As a result, the Falcons had to punt the ball away.  The nerves, the nerves!  Matt Ryan threw an interception in the bottom of the first quarter.  The pass that wide receiver Marty Booker was supposed to catch instead went straight into the arms of Panthers cornerback Richard Marshall.  Later on, Panthers punter Jason Baker didn’t do a great punt-away as Falcons cornerback Brian Williams interrupted the ball’s trajectory and  linebacker Mike Peterson caught the ball (this play was filmed from behind the punter, in an on-field POV).  A couple plays later, near the end of the quarter, Matt Ryan threw a twenty-four yard touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez.  Atlanta 7 and Panthers 3.

Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams cut into the left, front corner of the end zone in the top of the second quarter.  Carolina 10 and Atlanta 7.  Just past the middle of the quarter, Tony Gonzalez caught the ball, was brought down to the ground, rolled up, insisting that he had the ball.  He and Mike Smith’s red flag claimed that because Gonzalez kept his hand around the ball, the ball never touched the ground, and thus it was a complete pass.  The referee overturned the incomplete ruling.  Two plays later, Matt Ryan threw to running back Jason Snelling for a TD.  John Kasay sent through a fifty-yard field goal before the end of the first half.  Atlanta 14 and Carolina 13.  The Falcons weren’t going to let the Panthers go into halftime with just a point difference on the score board.  Matt Ryan connected with Roddy White for a TD.  Atlanta 21 and Carolina 13.

The ball came out of Falcons running back Michael Turner grasp as he was brought down near the middle of the third quarter and the Panthers recovered it.  What would the kitties do with the turnover?  Not entirely.  Mike Smith won another challenge regarding whether or not Panthers tight end Jeff King had possession of the ball as he hit the ground, and then DeAngelo fumbled Jake Delhomme’s thrown ball.

The fourth quarter gave Michael Turner his first TD of the season.  Atlanta 28 and Carolina 13.  Mike Smith won his first two challenges so he won a third chance to challenge, which he used to dispute Panthers tight end Dante Rosario’s upper body crossing the goal line, with hands extended above his head, but when Falcons safety Erik Coleman brought him down, the ball immediately popped out of his hands.  Mike Smith lost the challenge.  Atlanta 28 and Carolina 20.  How would the Falcons retaliate?  The clock ticked down to two minutes and thirty some-odd seconds when Falcons cornerback Chris Houston intercepted Jake Delhomme.  On the Panthers’ final attempt on offense, Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran tipped the ball upwards, it fell and hit the field.  Game over.  Atlanta won it 28 to 20.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Dick Stockton and Charles Davis were the commentators.

2. Festivities that took place in today’s game.

3.  John Fox and Mike Smith both wear a watch on the left wrist.  No leather straps.

4.  Steve Smith’s mouth guard is red.  Tony Gonzalez’s mouth guard is yellow.

5.  After Gonzalez made the TD catch in the first quarter, he dunked the football over the upright’s cross bar.

6.  Falcons running back Jerious Norwood left the game sometime between the first and second quarters (or the top of the second) because of an injury to the head.  Big hit I suspect.

7.  A camera cut to the press box, where Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey was sitting.  There was a Dasani bottle and a can of Diet Coke in front of him.

8.  After Jason Snelling made the TD catch in the bottom of the second quarter, Matt Ryan jogged into the end zone and they did a body high-five.

9.  Falcons defensive tackle Peria Jerry sustained left foot/ankle injury in the fourth quarter.  Apparently his ribs were bruised after the Dolphins game last week.

10.  Did Dick Stockton and Charles Davis say that Michael Turner referred to Arthur Blank as “that Clark Gable dude” when he first came to Atlanta?  I always thought Arthur Blank looked more like Basil Rathbone, who played Sherlock Holmes in a series of films in the 1940s.   What say you?  Click here for more images of Arthur Blank, Basil Rathbone, and Clark GableGridiron Goddess sees resemblance between Arthur Blank and Walt Disney.

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NFL 08: Falcons send the Vikings longship-packing

Looks like someone decided to give the Atlanta Falcons a couple of go-home-and-collect-200 cards. The Baltimore Ravens broke up the Dallas Cowboys’ party 33 to 24 Saturday night. The San Diego Chargers took out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41 to 24 earlier today. The Falcons went into todays game against the Minnesota Vikings with one condition: win and you’re in the playoffs (as a wild card). So, were they able to do it? and on the Vikings’ turf?

Televised by Fox, the first quarter started with a super cool throw from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan throwing to wide receiver Michael Jenkins, who caught the ball one yard away from the goal line. Running back Michael Turner trudged his way into the end zone on the next play. Atlanta 7 and Minnesota 0. Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe got his hand into the end zone for a touchdown in response. Atlanta and Minnesota tied 7 a piece.

The second quarter surfaced with Matt Ryan shovel passing the ball to running back Jerious Norwood, who ran his way into the end zone. Atlanta 14 and Minnesota 7. The Vikings hit back with a few good runs by running back Adrian Peterson and throws by quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and then the ball got away from the Vikings and into the hands of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. Unfortunately, no score came from that cul-de-sac of ball exchange. Once Vikings were back on offense, Tarvaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson made good ground coverage…but then there was another fumble and Falcons cornerback Chris Houston got his hands on the ball. Going into halftime, Atlanta was in the lead with 17 points to Minnesota’s 7.

The third quarter began with another series of impressive Vikings action which then turned into Falcons fumble recovery. Defensive tackle Kindal Moorehead sacked Tarvaris Jackson and defensive end Chauncey Davis got on top of the ball. The outcome of that turnover? Rien. Nothing. The Falcons had to punt the ball away. SWEET MOLLY OF MARINATED CUBAN SANDWICHES?! The game clock was tripping passed three minutes in the bottom of the third quarter; the Falcons were second-and-five on the Minnesota five yard line; Matt Ryan couldn’t find someone to whom he could launch the ball. Alors, he decided to take it to the goal line himself.

Only, his forward somersault was possibly twelve inches shy of the goal line, and as he came closer to the ground, the ball fell away from his hand and into the end zone (diagonally left from Matt Ryan’s hand). Purple and white swarmed around that prolate spheroid and Falcons guard Justin Blalock ended up with the credit for repossessing it for a TD. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 7. The fourth quarter commenced with a re-energized Vikings offense…in the form of a field goal. Minnesota benefited from another Visanthe Shiancoe TD in the bottom of the quarter. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 17. The Vikings’ defense were not going to surrender. With the two-minute warning left to play in the fourth, Tarvaris Jackson and his eligible receivers had one more chance to tie or take the win by a one point lead. Despite the Vikings’ efforts, the Falcons reclaimed control of the ball in the final minute of the game. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 17. Final score. SWEET SHINY PLANTAINS ON A SUNDAY!!! The Falcons are going to the playoffs!!!

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Wow. After the Tennessee Titans beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 to 14, CBS cut to the end of the Miami Dolphins attempting to maintain a lead over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins wore white jerseys and the Chiefs red. Together on the field, they looked like diced salsa ingredients or a Tabasco bottle.

2. Brian Baldinger, Dick Stockton, and Brian Billick provided commentary.

3. So, about that Matt Ryan somersault. I wonder if he’d ever do that again….I wonder if he’d practice doing that again for next season.

4. Last week’s game against Tampa Bay caused much anxiety since Matt Ryan’s second throw. Today’s horse-shoe toss against the Minnesota didn’t fill me with as intense a level of nerves, but from halfway through the third quarter to the end of the fourth, I experienced a dull chattering of anxiousness. I believed the Falcons could maintain a numerical lead but the Vikings just weren’t going to let up one breath, as evidenced in the bottom of the fourth quarter.

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NFL 08: the Falcons chargrill chicken the Saints

The New Orleans Saints jogged over to the capital of the Peach State to oven-bake with the Falcons. Televised by Fox, the first quarter started with Saints quarterback Drew Brees throwing an interception. Falcons safety Erik Coleman snatched the ball that was meant for wide receiver Devery Henderson. Atlanta didn’t capitalize on the interception, but on their next possession, Matt Ryan threw to wide receiver Roddy White in the end zone for a touchdown. Falcons 7 and New Orleans 0. The Saints would’ve had a TD too on their next go, but Falcons cornerback Dominique Foxworth got the ball out of the hands of wide receiver Marques Colston. New Orleans settled for a field goal. Atlanta still on top with 7.

In the top of the second quarter, the Falcons increased their lead with a TD rammed in to the end zone by running back Michael Turner. A complete pass to wide receiver Michael Jenkins on the preceding play contributed to the Falcons getting within five yards of the goal line. Atlanta 14 and New Orleans 3. The Saints pulled out another field goal in response. Falcons 14 and Saints 6. Atlanta got to the red zone on their next possession but couldn’t get into the end zone. They got a field goal out of it. 17 to 6.

The third quarter drummed down to about two minutes and the Falcons got another field goal. The top of the fourth quarter said hello to a sixty-seven yard TD by Falcons running back Jerious Norwood. Atlanta 27 and New Orleans 6. The Saints finally got a TD when running back Deuce McAllister ran fifteen yards into the end zone. Atlanta 27 and New Orleans 13. The Saints were working on a considerably impressive drive down field ticking towards the bottom of the fourth quarter; Drew Brees rocked the ball but Falcons cornerback Chris Houston nabbed it in the end zone. With over a minute left in the game, Falcons cornerback Chevis Jackson intercepted a Brees pass and ran ninety-five yards to the end zone for a TD. Atlanta 34 and New Orleans 13. New Orleans wide receiver Lance Moore caught one last pass as the clock went to 00. Falcons 34 and Saints 20. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli were the commentators.

2. The Saints got three points from a field goal towards the bottom of the first quarter. After they kicked the ball to Falcons, with Jerious Norwood receiving, the camera was on the field behind Norwood. I’m not sure if the kick itself was filmed from the sidelines/press box, high-angle shot, but at least from the moment the kick was made, the televised imagery came from behind Norwood.

3. Ron Pitts remarked that Atlantans have started referring to Michael Turner as “MARTA.” Is that really the case? Pitts explained that Marta is Atlanta’s “mass transit system…that bus will take you everywhere.” Mmm. Je ne pense pas.

4. The play clock in view for the Saints was flanked by a Hooters ad and a Miller Lite ad. I believe it was Miller Lite.

5. Sweet apple pie and a handkerchief. One of the cameras went to the Saints sidelines in the bottom of the third quarter, specifically for a shot of Drew Brees barking at tight end Jeremy Shockey. Who should end up in the frame but former Falcons QB Joey Harrington.

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NFL 08: Falcons freeze-dry the Chiefs

Is it fall yet?

The Atlanta Falcons ushered the Kansas City Chiefs into the stomping grounds of the Georgia Dome to play some block-me-with-your-best-shot ball (broadcast on CBS).

The game progressed at a mostly mellow pace until the bottom of the first quarter when the Falcons went ninety-two yards on six plays that culminated in a touchdown by running back Michael Turner. 7-0. On their next possession, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a stellar fifty-seven yard pass to wide receiver Roddy White who galloped into the end zone. And then he did a back flip. Fantastic.

Falcons safety Erik Coleman intercepted Chiefs Tyler Thigpen’s pass meant for his tight end Tony Gonzalez. That drive ended in a field goal. Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes picked off the ball on the Kansas City’s next possession. With under three minutes on the clock, Michael Turner boosted Atlanta’s score again with a TD. The quarter ended with a Kansas City TD, on account of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe’s catch (Bowe did some improv dancing, nothing too showy). Going into halftime, Falcons 24 and Chiefs 7.

The third quarter began with an enlivened Kansas City offense, primarily due to running back Larry Johnson’s mobility and a touchdown. Falcons 24 and Chiefs 14. Of course, Atlanta wasn’t going to sit back idly. Matt Ryan’s fifteen yard scamper, Roddy White’s receptions, and Michael Turner’s maneuvers led to a touchdown (Turner put it in the end zone himself). Falcons 31. Chiefs 14. Towards the bottom of the fourth quarter, Kansas City wiggled down towards the end zone. Thanks to Falcons cornerback Chris Houston, safety Lawyer Milloy, and linebacker Curtis Lofton, the Chiefs were unable to put up a bouquet of numbers on the board. Chris Houston intercepted Thigpen’s pass with about a minute left on the clock. Houston more or less moseyed on into the end zone (Dwayne Bowe was supposed to catch the ball but he fell and wasn’t quite in the right place on the field to catch it). Atlanta 38 and Kansas City 14. Final score. C’est magnifique.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. There was so much red (and white) on the field! It was like a whirlpool of ketchup, marshmallows, and Santa Claus.

2. After the commercial break in the middle of the first quarter, the camera went to a high-angle, medium shot of a Falcons fan who was dressed in a home-made costume of a falcon. It looked home-made. His beak was fashioned from a football. Pretty creative.

3. After Brent Grimes intercepted Tyler Thigpen’s pass in the second quarter, the commentators, Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker, mentioned that as a franchise, the Falcons do not go up against the Chiefs very often. Their last game was in 2004. Michael Turner has, however, played against them many times when he was a San Diego Charger. He knows their style and they know his abilities.

4. During a replay of Michael Turner’s TD in the third quarter, I heard off-screen shouts of “well done Michael Turner!” from a male voice.

5. Is it my imagination or did Falcons head coach Mike Smith not receive as much screen time today as he has in the past games?

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