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Pre-S 10: Falcons flauta flatten the Chiefs

The Atlanta Falcons opened their 2009 pre-season with a one point loss to the Detroit Lions.  The preying birds welcomed the 2010 pre-season against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Georgia Dome tonight.  Would the Falcons do their fans proud? Televised by NBC, the first quarter started with the Chiefs kicking to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan took his place as quarterback.  Several plays later, kicker Matt Bryant made a thirty-yard field goal.  Atlanta 3 and Kansas City 0.  Matt Cassel went in as quarterback when the Chiefs went on the offensive.  Three plays later, the Chiefs punted the ball back to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan’s complete vs. incomplete passes during Atlanta’s second possession was about even.  Kicker Steve Hauschka was sent in to attempt a fifty-three yard FG–it was no good.  Slow-motion instant replay after the commercial break revealed that his ball was two to four feet too low; it hit the crossbar.

With three minutes left in the first quarter, Falcons Kroy Biermann knocked the ball out of Matt Cassel’s hands and the Falcons recovered it.  Chris Redman stepped in on QB watch; unfortunately, he didn’t perform as well as he’s demonstrated in the past.  They had to punt the ball away by the bottom of the quarter.  The second quarter began with the Chiefs improving upon offensive execution.  Kicker Ryan Succop tried but missed a fifty-three.five yard FG.  The ball ricocheted off the left upright.  Chris Redman was at QB in the top of the second quarter and his first pass was complete to wide receiver Roddy White.  Matt Bryant’s second field goal, at fifty yards, was unsuccessful (wide right).  Ryan Succop’s second FG attempt, at fifty-three yards, was no good either (wide right).  Brodie Croyle took over quarterback gig for the Chiefs in the bottom of the second quarter.  The Chiefs were focused on making a touchdown with under a minute left in the first half.  They’d have to settle for a twenty-yard FG.  Atlanta 3 and Kansas City 3.

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The Chiefs went on offense first in the third quarter.  Brodie Croyle was back as QB and threw an interception two or three plays in…right into the bosom of rookie safety Shann Schillinger.  Chris Redman returned as quarterback.  A series of good plays led to a touchdown via running back Dimitri Nance.  Atlanta 10 and Kansas City 3.  The Chiefs’ defense was making more noise in the middle of the quarter, at which point John Parker Wilson had gone in as QB for the Falcons.  He moved his teammates down the field to a sneeze away from the end zone.

Dimitri Nance crossed the goal line two plays into the fourth quarter.  He did a little dance, just a little one.  Atlanta 17 and Kansas City 3.  The Chiefs turned the game over by way of Falcons cornerback Chevis Jackson intercepting Brodie Croyle.  Steve Hauschka’s thirty-seven yard FG went through minutes later.  Atlanta 20 and Kansas City 3.  Chiefs defensive back Javier Arenas made a 100 yard return for a TD when Kansas City received the ball next.  A holding penalty on Chiefs lineback Justin Cole quashed that TD, though.  Tyler Palko was QB for that possession.  The fourth quarter was scoreless for the Chiefs until there were fewer than thirty seconds left in the game.  Palko flung his body over the goal line and broke the plane for a second.  Atlanta 20 and Kansas City 10.  Final score.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger were commentators.

2.  The Chiefs’ white tops (with red numbers), white bottoms (with red-yellow stripe down the side), and red helmets made them look like cheesecake.

3.  Matt Ryan looked fantastic tonight, corporeally speaking.  Great form.  The South has certainly rubbed off on him; he now talks with a more pronounced accent.  Giddy yup.

4.  Former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis is now offensive coordinator for the Chiefs.

5.  Halftime consisted of Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson taking 11alive’s Fred Kalil to his high school Clarke Central in Athens.

6.  Brodie Croyle is only two years younger than ming!

7.  On Falcons head coach, Mike Smith, Randy Waters remarked in context of when/where a Chiefs’ player’s knee went to the ground in the bottom of the second quarter, “Doesn’t matter if it’s the pre-season or recess in the fifth grade; Mike Smith competes.”

8.  Falcons President Rich Mckay joined Waters and Baldinger in the top of the third quarter to chat about his team.  McKay mentioned that he’s beginning to see John Parker Wilson’s arm strength.

9.  The Falcons had the ball for some ten minutes from the middle of the third quarter through the top of the fourth.  Upon returning from commercial break following Nance’s second TD, the camera was on a medium shot of the Falcons’ QBs sitting on a bench, backs facing the camera.  Redman on the left, Wilson in the middle, and Ryan on the right.  Numbers 8, 4, 2 respectively.  Hmmm.  4^2=16.  16/2=8.  8/4=2.  2^2=4.  4×2=8.  2^3=8.  8-4=4.  Redman and Ryan were wearing green caps.  Forest green caps.

10.  Sam Crenshaw interviewed Falcons on the sidelines throughout the evening.  When he spoke with wide receiver Harry Douglas, Roddy White played peek-a-boo with the camera from behind Douglas.  White smiled like a boy on his sweet sixteen birthday.  Harry soon started chuckling.

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NFL 2009: Saints absolve the Falcons

Before I begin with the post-proper, I have to share something that I saw this morning while I was on my Starbux run.  I was driving down the street and saw a fifteen or sixteen-year old guy walking on the sidewalk on the same side of the road I was driving but in the opposite direction (we were facing each other).  I was possibly eight car-lenghths away from him when I noticed a small sedan drive by and splash him.  The youth turned around and patted the back of his head and neck.  I checked my rearview mirror and saw that no cars were behind me, so I approached very slowly.  Had I had a towel in my car, I probably would’ve rolled down the window when I got to where he was standing and asked, “Hey, I saw that … would you like a towel for your head?”

But, I didn’t have a towel.  Moreover, I wouldn’t have wanted to startle him just by saying that I saw what happened and if he was okay.  Of course he was okay…just a bit wet.  I did what any considerate, courteous driver would do, I drove very slowly over that puddle.  The youth was still looking in the direction that the splasher was headed; in my rearview mirror, I observed the boy putting his hand up in acknowledgement.  He probably realized that I had seen him get splashed and did my best not to do the same thing.

All right.  The New Orleans Saints crossed over into east coast time in an effort to maintain their all-win season this afternoon at the Georgia Dome.  The Atlanta Falcons, once more without quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner, didn’t perform — haven’t performed as well as they know they can, and we know they can.  Whatever the explanations, elaborations, and legitimate excuses, would the Falcons be able to muster and channel energy and confidence sufficiently to interrupt the Saints’ perfect season?

Broadcast on Fox, with commentary provided by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the first quarter started with the Falcons on offense.  Chris Redman reprised his role as QB; Sam Baker was back in the game today.  Running back Jason Snelling made a solid impression early in the drive with a thirty-eight yard run.  The Falcons put up the first score with a thirty-six yard Matt Bryant field goal.  Atlanta 3 and New Orleans 0.  One needn’t wonder what the Saints would do in reaction.  Shall we say red zone pronto? But no to touchdown, yes to field goal.  The Falcons made another field goal at the end of their second possession.  Atlanta 6 and New Orleans 3.

The second quarter banged out with the Saints in the red zone following a stellar pass between quarterback Drew Brees and wide receiver Robert Meachem.  Two plays later, running back Reggie Bush sliced through the front, right corner of the end zone for a TD.  New Orleans 10 and Atlanta 6.  With roughly seventy seconds left in the first half, wide receiver Marques Colston made a TD catch. The extra point was no good.  New Orleans 16 and Falcons 6.  The Falcons would’ve wanted to get a TD too going into halftime but they took a FG instead.  New Orleans 16 and Falcons 9.

The third quarter sprang out with the Saints on an energetic, and eventful, offense.  They got into the red zone, the officials called defensive pass interference on Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes, Falcons head coach Mike Smith fumed and sent his headset crashing to the turf, the Falcons broke up a Saints TD catch and nearly recovered a Reggie Bush fumble.  The Bush ran the ball in for a TD on the next play, though.  New Orleans 23 and Atlanta 9.  The Falcons didn’t lose momentum.  They came back with a fifty-yard TD catch and run by wide receiver Michael Jenkins (who had missed a similar set-up in the second quarter).  New Orleans 23 and Atlanta 16.

I assert that the Falcons played much better against the Saints today than they did against the Eagles last week (the Ch’i from last week was all off).  Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez made an excellent run, which preceded a Jason Snelling plane-breaking TD.  The Falcons tied the game in the top of the quarter 23 to 23.  The Falcons’ defense stayed the course as well, holding the Saints to an FG rather than another end zone visit with four minutes left to play.  New Orleans 26 and Atlanta 23.  Oh Lourdes.  After losing twelve yards, Chris Redman threw an interception…Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma snatched the ball.  With just about two minutes left, the Saints faked a field goal attempt but Mark Brunell’s pass to tight end Darnell Dinkins was incomplete.  Alas.  New Orleans 26 and Atlanta 23.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman looked like Ken dolls.   Joe wore a navy jacket, a white button-down shirt, and a shimmery light blue tie.  Troy wore a light gray jacket, a white button-down shirt, and a shimmery dark burgundy/purple tie.  It’s like Prom Ken and CEO Ken.

2.  Hmmm…the producers decided to air the feed from a camera that was taking in a high-angle close-up of Brent Grimes with a hand and an arm waving about while lining up for a snap.

3.  “That’s just good NFC South football right there: banging heads, knocking around…” Joe Buck remarked of the impromptu mosh pit that formed in the final second of the first quarter after the Saints returned a kickoff.

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NFL 2009: Eagles throw-down the Falcons

It was an ornithological feast today at the Georgia Dome, where the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons pasodoble‘d for another victory.  The Eagles took to the field sans running back Brian Westbrook and wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the Falcons were without quarterback Matt Ryan, offensive linemen Sam Baker and Harvey Dahl, running back Michael Turner, and wide receiver Michael Jenkins.

Broadcast on Fox, with commentary by Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, the first quarter puffed out favorably for the Eagles as they made a field goal and then recovered fumbled ball when the Falcons were taking to offense.  What say you, early shock therapy?  Make the mistakes in the first half of the first quarter like a bucket of cold water to the face?  Hmmm.  That turnover gave the Eagles a greater lead with a touchdown pass connection between quarterback Donovan McNabb and fullback Leonard Weaver.  Philadelphia 10 and Atlanta 0.  The Eagles would’ve upped their lead again in the remaining seconds of the first quarter, but David Akers’s thirty-nine yard field goal was no good.

The Falcons were unable to take advantage of the handful of Eagles’ mistakes in the top of the second quarter.  Nearing the second half of the second quarter, I wonder who is more frustrated, Matt Ryan or Chris Redman?  After off-setting penalties on both teams in the middle of the quarter, it appeared that the Falcons defense got a second wind.  They kept the Eagles’ pointage to a field goal.  Philadelphia 13 and Atlanta 0.  By the final two minutes in the second quarter, the Falcons’ offense were capitalizing on Eagles’ errors.  Would that effort be enough for either a TD or an FG?  Nope.  Rather than kicking a field goal, the Falcons tried for a touchdown.  After three consecutive failed attempts for running back Jason Snelling to break the plane, the Falcons inexplicably tried a fourth time?  Third time is the charm not the fourth.


Third quarter dragged out some poetic icy-hot as Michael Vick made his first TD of the season.  Philadelphia 20 and Atlanta 0.  Whatever cinnabon the Falcons were on was quickly smashed as Chris Redman threw an interception straight into the bosom of Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown, who then ran eighty-three yards for a touchdown.  Philadelphia 27 and Atlanta 0.  The third came and went with no Falcons score.

The first play of the fourth quarter?  Chris Redman threw another interception, this time to Eagles safety Sean Jones.  Michael Vick was QB for the Eagles in the top of the quarter.  A connection between him and tight end Brent Celek produced a TD.  More poetic icy-hot for the Vick.  His first passing TD would be in Atlanta, against Atlanta, bien sur.  Philadelphia 34 and Atlanta 0.  Because Vick injured his right hand after throwing that TD pass, Kevin Kolb went in as QB.  As the game clock boiled to under two minutes, Chris Redman threw a series of complete passes, one of which went to wide receiver Brian Finneran.  Hallelujah, wide receiver Roddy White kept the game from being a shut-out with a TD catch.  Philadelphia 34 and Atlanta 7.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Pre-game footage included Michael Vick greeting former teammates and chatting with Tony Siragusa.

2.  What does it mean if I were to say that I’m not sure the Falcons would have done any better in the first quarter if Matt Ryan were playing?  On the other hand, if Sam Baker and Harvey Dahl were playing, I think the Falcons would’ve scored at least two field goals by the top of the second quarter.

3.  “You can’t just get your hands on him and keep your hips square,” Daryl Johnston remarked halfway through the second quarter.

4.  Today’s game reminded me of Falcons’ entire 2007 season.

5.  Brian Finneran didn’t play in the last three games–Matt Ryan’s performance was shoddy in the last three games.  Coincidence?

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NFL 2009: Falcons depreciate the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons ground the axe the day after UGA out-played GaTech by one touchdown.  Televised by Fox, with commentary by Dick Stockton and Charles Davis, the first quarter commenced with the Falcons on offense.  First pass from quarterback Matt Ryan?  a would-be interception.  Running back Michael Turner was back in the game after resting last week.  No Falcons pointage resulted from the first go.  When the Falcons went on offense again, Chris Redman stepped in as quarterback on account of a foot injury on Ryan.  His second throw was complete to tight end Tony Gonzalez (wow, that play elapsed very slowly even in real-time).  The Falcons had to punt the ball away but due to an off-sides penalty on the Buccaneers, the Falcons got the ball back.  The  first quarter ended with no score for either team.

Chris Redman continued as quarterback in the second quarter.  Three minutes into the quarter, Matt Ryan went into the locker rooms.  Kicker Jason Elam broke the 0-0 of the scoreboard with a field goal.  About halfway through the second quarter, Falcons running back Jerious Norwood proved, with an eighteen-yard run, just how much his five-game absence impacted his team.  A few plays later, Redman’s shovel pass to Norwood led to a touchdown.  Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 0.  When the Buccaneers went on offense, quarterback Josh Freeman threw a forty-two yard TD pass to wide receiver Antonio Bryant.  The Buccaneers tied the score with a field goal with half a minute left in the second quarter.  Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 10.

The third quarter did not march off too well for the Falcons.  A punt was blocked, the Buccaneers got amazing field position and churned out a TD (via running back Carnell Williams).  Tampa Bay 17 and Atlanta 10.  Michael Turner made a pretty good run but had to step off the field shortly thereafter due to a right leg misfortune.  Jason Elam narrowed the score deficit by three halfway through the third quarter.  Tampa Bay 17 and Atlanta 13.  The Falcons were going strong in the bottom of the quarter when running back Jason Snelling lost control of the ball.

And then there was a fourth quarter…my eyes remained averted from the screen, afeared to see what wouldn’t feel so bad just to hear.  Can I even smile that that Tony Gonzalez caught Redman’s pass in the second half of the fourth quarter (with Buccaneer safety Tanard Jackson covering him)?  A forty+ yard FG was tried and failed.  Fortunately for the Falcons, the Buccaneers missed a field goal attempt in the bottom of the fourth quarter.  How would the Falcons perform with likely their last dance with the ball?  Thirty seconds left in the game.  One more chance.  Chris Redman to wide receiver Roddy White complete! It’s a touchdown! Atlanta 20 and Tampa Bay 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Falcons wore black jerseys and red helmets.

2.  Halfway through the fourth quarter, footage of Matt Ryan standing on the sidelines (out of uniform) was aired.  In a medium close-up, Ryan wore an expression of bewilderment and disbelief.  When he was shown walking around the sidelines in the bottom of the fourth quarter, shock had turned to discontentment.  His frown was turned upside down after Redman and White connected for a TD.  Arthur Blank was all smiles and thumbs up too.

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Pre-S 09: the Falcons moon-dust the Chargers

The boys of the Pacific, the San Diego Chargers, drifted eastward to Atlanta to shake the chandelier with the Falcons.  Broadcast on CBS, commentary was provided by Greg Gumbel and Dan Fouts.

The first score of the game occurred in the first half of the first quarter.  Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers chucked the ball to running back Darren Sproles.   San Diego 7 and Atlanta 0.   The Falcons answered that TD with one of their own.  With Matt Ryan quarterbacking, wide receiver Brian Finneran made a twelve-yard catch in the end zone (or rather a catch and a few steps into the end zone).   An amazing Roddy White reception preceded this TD by a couple of plays.  Atlanta 7 and San Diego 7.

The second quarter ticked halfway through and Chargers running back Michael Bennett jetted off forty-eight yards for a TD.   San Diego 14 and Atlanta 7.   Jason Elam put up a forty yard field goal for the Falcons in the bottom of the second.  San Diego 14 and Atlanta 10.  Billy Volek then stepped in as QB for the Chargers.  With under a minute left in the quarter, Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd broke the plane with his right hand (and as soon as the ball hit the turf, the ball came out of his grip).  San Diego 21 and Atlanta 10.  Jason Elam stepped onto the field with seconds left on the clock.  He sent the ball thirty-nine yards through the uprights.  San Diego 21 and Atlanta 13.

The third quarter featured Charlie Whitehurst as quarterback for the Chargers.  Chris Redman then went in as QB for the Falcons.  The fourth quarter said hello to a Falcons TD, which Redman ran in himself (twenty-two yards).  San Diego 21 and Atlanta 20.  The Chargers increased the gap with a Nate Kaeding field goal in the bottom of the quarter.  San Diego 24 and Atlanta 20.  With fewer than twenty seconds to play, Chris Redman connects with wide receiver Eric Weems for a TD.  Atlanta 27 and San Diego 24.

Observations  & Miscellania:

1.  Did Dan Fouts say of Matt Ryan, “he is smart, he is tall” in the expository broadcast pre-kickoff chat?

2.  Compared to last year, Matt Ryan has definitely grown up in the way he carries himself.  At the same time, though, a few extreme close-ups (before snaps) in the first quarter revealed such a youthful exuberance and eagerness.

3.  After returning from commercial break (that followed Michael Bennett’s TD in the second quarter), the camera was focused on the Falcons bench.  Mike Smith, filmed in high angle medium long shot, was speaking and gesturing passionately about what his players could no longer permit the other guy to do on the field.

4.  How sweet.  In the middle of the third quarter, Chargers fullback Jacob Hester was walking towards the huddle and trying to put his left shoulder pad back under his uniform.  He was having trouble doing it and his teammate wide receiver Legedu Naanee gave him a hand.  Love it.  I love moments like this one.

5.  Greg Gumbel noted in the third quarter that Charlie Whitehurst went to Chattahoochee High School.

6.  Matt Ryan spoke to the commentators via headset in the fourth quarter.  His irises were so dark and filled up so much of his eyes.  Oooo! he licked his lips right before he took off the headset!

7.  Great job Chris Redman!

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