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Stetson Bennett’s Teammates Love Him

I didn’t exist yet the last time the UGA Bulldogs won a college football national title.  Cortez Hankton, pass game coordinator and wide receiver coach for UGA, didn’t exist either.  Well, they did it tonight against the Alabama Crimson Tide, winning 33 to 18.


Here’s the google chat log I had with a friend during the final couple minutes of the game:

Me: UGA’s QB’s teammates love him. They’ll cry happy tears with him.
Friend: you’re watching?!

Me: I started watching at the bottom of the 2nd quarter.  I was watching movies before then.  I’ve had the game mostly on mute, though, cause I’ve been listening to music on YT.  I know, it’s been a while since I watched a college game.
Friend:  you picked the right game to watch.  you’re watching history. first UGA national title since 1980

Me: But, I did watch the failed 2pt conversions of both teams in the 4th and then UGA putting two back-to-back TDs up. Of course, I was going to watch at least the second half of the game..,i know how big a deal it is.  the rivalry. I used to watch quite a bit of college football in the yrs after I got my MA. I know a lot of people don’t see the big deal with competitive sports, participating or watching.  But, it really is important… where else does society get to see young men get to experience and express supreme joy and disappointment? Where else does society get to see young men convey so many emotions so publicly? nowhere.  And…in some very subtle way, football hasn’t been commodified to quite the same degree as basketball.  Basketball players in the spotlight, with endorsement deals and commercial value, are depicted much more like musicians than football players.  Football players, even household names, multiple conference or league winners, are more like… Miss America winners? Same with baseball players.

Friend: how happy must a braves and UGA fan be in these last 3 months?
Me: And how awesome the World Series happened before Omnicorn was a thing. This was very good vicarious joy.


Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Brawling and Eating Cheez-Its on the gridiron and the Most Wholesome YouTube Video sans chats, chiens ou bébés

I learned about the existence of the YouTube channel Jomboy Media the other day courtesy of this Reddit post.  I would like to bring you some laughter and cheer as 2021 commences.  Even if you don’t like football or college football, I think the commentary that accompanies this video of a brawl that took place between Mississippi State and Tulsa after the Armed Forces Bowl will bring a whimsical eyeroll if not a chuckle to your countenance.

If you did indeed get a laugh out of that one, may I recommend this video featuring Cheez-Its and football-gloved hands?


If neither of the above inspired any emotional response or intellectual stirring within you, perhaps this video by YouTuber Mito about a day in her life as a Taiwanese exchange student in Colville, Washington will leave you wrapped with a cape of wholesomeness (and without the participation of cats, dogs, or babies.*)

The video is a year-old and has over a million views.  What stood out to me the most about it isn’t how friendly everybody who was on camera was to Mito, but rather how much she, her peers, and the teachers appeared to enjoy being at school. After watching a few of her videos of Taiwan, I hypothesize that she attracts or seeks out people who radiate a similarly thoughtful disposition.  Who needs the Hallmark Channel for feel-good imagery when you’ve got minimalistically talktative vlogs like this one?  N’est-ce pas?

Maybe precisely because she’s capturing moments as an outsider, there’s a stronger observational component to the content, and it doesn’t make the viewer pessimistic or dismiss the wholesomeness as ignoring the ugly sides of living in America (a very big country where aspects of the geographic, societal, and human environment can differ substantially between not only regions and states but also between counties, zip codes, intersections, and railroad tracks).

These comments made good points about school experiences and the perceptions of what “everyone” is like has a lot to do with the people you spend time with when you’re in school (also factoring in the demographics of the student body).  Such is life.  Reality is perception.  Perception is what you sense with your eyes and ears — or nose and ears (for the vision-impaired?) or nose and eyes (for the hard of hearing?) or hands (for the vision-impaired and hard of hearing…and even olfactory-impaired?).

*There is a cat in this video but its presence is fleeting.

College Football 2020: Yellow Jackets scoot over the Seminoles

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a single quarter nevermind nearly an entire college football game.  To think I would be doing so during the year of a novel coronavirus, economic instability, and social restlessness is a tad incredulous.  But there I was, driving southbound down Peachtree Industrial Blvd. and I saw a billboard advertising this afternoon’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Florida State Seminoles game.  A rain delay of nearly two hours meant that I was able to watch most of the game on ABC (and later ESPN 2).

Kahana, Yoram

FL State maintained a 10 to 0 lead over GaTech for much of the game.  It wasn’t until the middle of the third quarter that GaTech put any numbers on the score board with a touchdown, courtesy of running back Jordan Mason.  FL State increased their lead with a field goal, bringing the score to 13 to 7.  GaTech tied the game with a TD in the top of the fourth quarter thanks to wide receiver Malachi Carter.  The extra point was no good.  In fact, most of GaTech’s attempts at getting the ball through the uprights were unsuccessful, but the game was tied with still enough time for either time to take the lead.  FL State was unable to make more successful offensive moves and GaTech’s defense did its job effectively, thus giving kicker Jude Kelley a chance to redeem himself a field goal half-way through the fourth quarter.  GaTech 16 and FL State 13.  And that would be the final score. 

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play, here.


Observations & Miscellania:
1.  According to on-screen trivia graphics, the last time the Yellow Jackets won a game at the Doak S. Campbell Stadium was in October 2009.  This stadium has a nearly 80,000 seating capacity.  Just under 20,000 spectators watched the Seminoles lose their fourth opener game in a row.  Many people wore masks.  Many people were sitting very close to each other (presumably those larger groups consisted of people who knew each other).  Other people were sitting nowhere near anyone else.

2.  The view of the sidelines was primarily, if not exclusively, from the high-angle vantage points of cameras.  I don’t remember seeing a single “from the sidelines” POVs, which is not surprising given the precautions and new procedures implemented for the production crew to minimize any coronavirus risks to each team’s players, coaches, and other staff.

3.  Although there were visual markers indicating this game is not a typical televised college football game, just seeing the game-play and random side-lines activities like a player chewing on his mouthguard helped me forget that some of the events of this year happened.  I could understand why some people don’t like politics and sports to converge the way they have over the last few years, and this year in particular.  It is easy to forget your worries when all you care about over the course of 3.5 hours is if your team wins.  Or, if you don’t have a team, watching young men in giant shoulder pads, spandex pants, and helmets run across a grassy field, often colliding with each other, is a superbly successful distraction.  Or whatever else your spectator sport of choice is, if you’re into it.

And yet, to assert that politics and sports should not converge is to champion perpetually living in a fantasy world (especially if you watch all the sports) where lawmaking and the the rest of the judicial system on a federal or local level have no bearing on your daily life, which is unfortunately naive and unrealistic.  The players are people — when they’re really good at what they do, it is marvelous to behold the biological machinery behind their athletic feats — but they also live in the outside world after the game is over, and can and do suffer whatever consequences there are to their own actions as well as those of other people (civilian or otherwise).

Moreover, to deny that there even is a space for politics in sports is to dismiss the significance of Jesse Owens and his victories at the 1936 Olympics.  Perhaps the Olympics is more inherently political because it is country vs. country after all (ice hockey during the Cold War anyone? Yeah?  Miracle on Ice!), and so it makes (more) sense.  And for domestic sports, it shouldn’t have to be more than just a game or friendly competition all the time, but can you make room enough in your mind for sports to be a conduit for something beyond a way to make a living and way to forget your troubles?


When a Man Loves a Woman and College Football Right Now

Not the Michael Bolton or Percy Sledge versions.  I’m talking about the Jody Watley version.


When a man loves a woman
They say she could do no wrong
When a man loves a woman
Her nights will never be long

When a man loves a woman
He makes love with pure intensity
And if she wants
He’ll do what you do

When a man loves a woman
He’s not afraid of his vulnerability
When a man loves a woman
He loves their intertwining sexuality

When a man loves a woman
He might let her see him cry
And he’ll never risk losing her
By telling some stupid lie

(Men?) He won’t do you wrong
(Men?) He’ll love you long
(Men?) x2

When a man loves a woman
He’ll be responsible for his kids
And if he walks away
Hmm, he never did

When a man loves a woman
He’ll rub her back and maybe kiss her feet
And with this
A finer man you’ll never meet

When a man loves a woman
He’ll take his time when he shows her love
And she’ll enjoy the fit
Feels like a glove

When a man loves a woman
She can do no wrong
He understands her attitudes
And deals with her moods

(Men?) He’s so into you
(Men?) You know hes true
(Men?) x2

When a man loves a woman
It’s a beautiful thing
It could melt your soul
And make a heart sing

When a man loves a woman
He knows the reality of AIDS
He won’t bring it home to you
By some other love he’s made

When a man loves a woman
He’ll respect you in front of his friends
He won’t front you off
You know he’ll think again

When a man loves a woman
He knows you’re complex
And knows it takes more to make you happy
Than just giving you sex

When a man loves a woman
He’ll never raise his fist
He’ll know it doesn’t make him more a man
To do this

When a man loves a woman
You’ll surely know
And it’s as special
As an April snow

(Men?) He won’t do you wrong
(Men?) He’ll love you long
(Men?) x2

(Men?) Love will bring you home
(Men?) Love won’t let you roam
(Men?) x2

Here’s the PM Dawn remix version on her greatest hits album.

These lyrics have an additional set of verses:

When a man loves a woman
He might fly her to a night in Rome
This could happen
Though, never leaving home

When a man loves a woman
Yeah, he’ll do most anything
And with his presence
A smile he’ll surely bring

When a man loves a woman
He won’t hesitate to put her first
He’ll satisfy her desires
And quench her every thirst

When a man loves a woman
He’s gonna be true
And he won’t forget to tell her
“Baby, I love you”

(Men?) Love will bring you home
(Men?) Love won’t let you roam
(Men?) x2


Jody Watley

Pic cred: JodyWatley.net

“When a Man Loves a Woman” was the second single off of her Intimacy album from 1993.  The PM Dawn remix version was part of her greatest hits album from 1996.  I was thinking about these lyrics today as I was running an errand, wondering if the gestures of a man loving a woman (or a man loving a man, woman loving a woman, person loving another person for that matter) in the early 1990s are still applicable today or if the requirements are much longer/shorter in the year 2020.

If you flipped each instance of “man/woman” and “he/she/him/her” around so that the lyrics become “when a woman loves a man, they say he could do no wrong/when a woman loves a man, his nights will never be long” etc, does it still make sense? And, to factor in the prevalence of social issues and technological advancements of modern day, would you agree with the following?

When a woman loves a man
They say he could do no wrong
When a woman loves a man
His nights will never be long

When a woman loves a man
She makes love with pure intensity
And if he wants
She’ll make the first move

When a woman loves a man
She’s not afraid of imperfect compatibility
When a woman loves a man
She loves their complementary spontaneity

When a woman loves a man
She won’t make him follow her on Instagram
And she’ll never risk losing him
By social-media stalking his time with friends

(Women?) She won’t do you wrong
(Women?) She’ll love you long
(Women?) x2

When a woman loves a man
She might fly him to the great outdoors
This could happen
Not venturing too far from home

When a woman loves a man
Yeah, she’ll do most anything
And with her presence
A smile she’ll surely bring

When a woman loves a man
She won’t hesitate to put him first
She’ll satisfy his need for alone time
And give herself the same space too

When a woman loves a man
She’s gonna be true
And she won’t forget to tell him
“Thank you, for what you do.”

And now for the college football portion of today’s blog entry.

According to CBS Sports, the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences shan’t be playing this fall but plan to in the spring.  SEC and ACC are still weighing all the issues.  College sports, especially football and basketball, bring in a lot of money to universities.  Even if student-athletes get to keep scholarships and not all season ticket-holders want a refund, how do these schools recoup a fraction of lost money from other transactions directly or indirectly tied to college sports?  Playing conference-only games may help a little, but it won’t be enough.
Check out this interview with ESPN’s Rece Davis on NFL Live.


Also, is it too early to wonder if there’s going to be an Army-Navy game this year?

College Football 2013: Navy yanks down Air Force

But first: The Atlanta Braves squeezed by with a win against the LA Dodgers last night in Game 2 of the National League Division Series.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog post:

The Air Force Falcons paid a visit to Annapolis, MD today to encircle the Navy Midshipmen.  Broadcast on CBS and with commentary by Spero Dedes and Steve Beuerlein, the Falcons were took to offense first and took the lead seven minutes into the quarter with a field goal.  Air Force 3 and Navy 0.  The Midshipmen didn’t really start to put a good show on until the latter half of the second quarter as quarterback Keenan Reynolds rushed three yards for a touchdown.  Navy 7 and Air Force 3.  The Falcons replied with a TD too, courtesy of running back Anthony Lacoste.  Air Force 10 and Navy 7.

Navy regained the lead three minutes into the third quarter with another TD (thanks to Demond Brown).  Navy 14 and Air Force 10.  Neither team’s offense had particularly strong momentum through the rest of the third.  The Midshipmen found their energy in the middle of the fourth quarter with another Keenan Reynolds TD.  Navy 21 and Air Force 10.  The Midshipmen continued their performance by recovering a fumbled Falcons ball after it more or less flopped out of a receiver’s elbow crook.  Not long after, the defense put the ball back in their offense’s hands with an interception.  Keenan Reynolds soon clinched the win for his fellow Midshipmen with yet another TD.  Navy 28 and Air Force 10.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Midshipmen mascot reminds of a bear claw for some reason.  The horns maybe?

2.  The actual goat reminds me of ramen.

3.  The commentators noted in the fourth quarter that these service academy games are special because the players will one day protect the interests of the American people (government).

4.  Every time the commentators say, “DJ Sargenti,” I think they’re going to say, “DJ Sargento.”

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.