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NFL 08: Falcons are all the rage in the Chargers parade

The Atlanta Falcons fast-boat to California to grill some steaks with the San Diego Chargers. Televised by Fox, the first quarter trotted to about five minutes on the game clock before anybody scored. The Falcons did–Jason Elam and a field goal. Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson got his team on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the first quarter. The Falcons responded with another field goal. San Diego 7 and Atlanta 6.

The second quarter twinkled about the nine minute mark with former Charger tight end Justin Peelle making a TD catch. Atlanta 13 and San Diego 7. Halfway through the second quarter, I noticed two more points for Atlanta on the TV scorebar graphic. Que? Apparently, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers incurred a penalty which translated into a safety for the Falcons, so 15 to 7.

The third quarter commenced with Chargers safety Eric Weddle recovering a fumbled catch by Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran for an eighty-six yard touchdown. Falcons head coach Mike Smith challenged the interception call. Smith did not win the challenge. Atlanta 15 and San Diego 13. The fourth quarter shot out a TD catch by Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas, his first TD reception of the year (the others were run in). Atlanta 22 and San Diego 13.

The Chargers’ next possession included a few strong plays but their field goal attempt was blocked by Falcons defensive end Jamaal Anderson. Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton recovered the ball. Not long afterwards, San Diego got their hands on the ball after their defense brought Falcons running back Michael Turner to the ground. Mike Smith challenged the call and lost it. The Chargers picked up a field goal at the end of that cul-de-sac run. Atlanta 22 and San Diego 16. At about the two minute mark in the fourth quarter, Philip Rivers hurtled the ball towards wide receiver Malcom Floyd. Falcons safety Erik Coleman went in for the tackle/ball. He and Floyd collided quite audibly in mid-air. It sounded like two plastic trains being smashed into each other. Or bamboo sticks being whacked against each other (a la kendo or tinikling).

Paraphrasing the commentators, Atlanta pivoted the ball to San Diego three times but still managed to stay in the lead…and then ultimately win the game 22 to 16. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson were commentators.

2. Michael Turner was focused on the game–so much so that before he kept to himself before the festivities started. He didn’t acknowledge his former teammates (of four years) on the field.

3. The second quarter ended with four attempts by the Falcons to cross the goal line. The Chargers were able to stop them each time. In watching those exchanges, I started thinking about red zone offense and defense. Why would the offense make four running tries instead of two runs and two passes? Or, if three running attempts were fruitless, why not try passing on the fourth? Well, because you wouldn’t want the other team’s defense to take advantage of any imperfections with a pass. And then there’s how the defense would respond to what they think the offense would do. It really isn’t too different from the game of rock, paper, scissors in that respect. If your opponent went with paper three times in a row, would you think they would go with paper on the fourth? If you had gone with paper three times in a row as well, would you switch to scissors or rock on the fourth? If you believed your opponent would bust out the paper once more, what would you do?

4. I have, and I bet you have too, seen this Peyton Manning Mastercard commercial at least seven times as of today. While some of you are probably sick to toadstools of it, the more I see it, the more I like it. I especially adore the way Peyton says, “the weather is sweet. Nice.”

5. Matt Vasgersian remarked that Jamaal Anderson is a Ludacris lookalike. Hmmm. Do you concur?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers clobbered the New England Patriots 33 to 10. Click here for details.

NFL 08: Eagles juicy fruit the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons ferried themselves north to the city of brotherly love to temper-tantrum in the face of the Eagles. Televised by Fox, the first quarter started with a huge play–Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel snatched Matt Ryan’s pass meant for Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. In the bottom of the first quarter, Eagles defensive end Trent Cole slammed into Matt Ryan’s sternum and incurred a flag. Falcons backup quarterback Chris Redman may or may not go in for a few plays.

The second quarter started with a nice McNabbWestbrook maneuver, but the Falcons responded to that with an equally nifty LoftonDavis play. Both teams’ defense have done quite well. Atlanta’s offense amped up its performance when Matt Ryan and Roddy White connected for a touchdown. Falcons 7 and Eagles 0. Towards the bottom of the second quarter, the Eagles own quarterback Donovan McNabb put the ball into the end zone and tied the score. Going into halftime, Eagles in the lead with 10 points (thanks to a field goal).

The third quarter began with an Eagles touchdown tanks to running back Brian Westbrook. Philadelphia 17 and Falcons 7. In the bottom of the third quarter, Atlanta was two sheep short of a sweater in putting the ball in the end zone–even though there were two consecutive flags on Philadelphia that kept the Falcons in the red zone. On Matt Ryan’s third pass, he threw the ball towards Roddy White but Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard caught the ball.

The fourth quarter progressed nearly to the halfway point with no scores until the Eagles increased their lead with a field goal. Philadelphia 20 and Atlanta 7. Another Falcons trip to the red zone produced, to my unwavering delight, a TD made by Roddy White. Philadelphia 20 and Atlanta 14. Mais, Brian Westbrook gave his Eagles a bigger lead with under two minutes left in the game. Philadelphia 27 and Atlanta 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan provided commentary. I’ve never heard of these guys before.

2. Was I conflicted about team loyalties? I like both teams, I could be content no matter who won. Of course, I’d be thrilled to see the Falcons take the top bunk.

3. The Eagles lead the league in dropped passes? Is that what the commentators said?

4. In the minute before halftime, and the commentators discussed how many times the Falcons’ opponents have blitzed Matt Ryan, the graphic had Green Bay written as “Greeen Bay.” Hilarious.

5. Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis had to miss six games this season due to hernia surgery recuperation. He caught his first pass for the season in the very bottom of the second quarter. He caught seventy-seven passes last year.

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NFL 08: Falcons freeze-dry the Chiefs

Is it fall yet?

The Atlanta Falcons ushered the Kansas City Chiefs into the stomping grounds of the Georgia Dome to play some block-me-with-your-best-shot ball (broadcast on CBS).

The game progressed at a mostly mellow pace until the bottom of the first quarter when the Falcons went ninety-two yards on six plays that culminated in a touchdown by running back Michael Turner. 7-0. On their next possession, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a stellar fifty-seven yard pass to wide receiver Roddy White who galloped into the end zone. And then he did a back flip. Fantastic.

Falcons safety Erik Coleman intercepted Chiefs Tyler Thigpen’s pass meant for his tight end Tony Gonzalez. That drive ended in a field goal. Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes picked off the ball on the Kansas City’s next possession. With under three minutes on the clock, Michael Turner boosted Atlanta’s score again with a TD. The quarter ended with a Kansas City TD, on account of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe’s catch (Bowe did some improv dancing, nothing too showy). Going into halftime, Falcons 24 and Chiefs 7.

The third quarter began with an enlivened Kansas City offense, primarily due to running back Larry Johnson’s mobility and a touchdown. Falcons 24 and Chiefs 14. Of course, Atlanta wasn’t going to sit back idly. Matt Ryan’s fifteen yard scamper, Roddy White’s receptions, and Michael Turner’s maneuvers led to a touchdown (Turner put it in the end zone himself). Falcons 31. Chiefs 14. Towards the bottom of the fourth quarter, Kansas City wiggled down towards the end zone. Thanks to Falcons cornerback Chris Houston, safety Lawyer Milloy, and linebacker Curtis Lofton, the Chiefs were unable to put up a bouquet of numbers on the board. Chris Houston intercepted Thigpen’s pass with about a minute left on the clock. Houston more or less moseyed on into the end zone (Dwayne Bowe was supposed to catch the ball but he fell and wasn’t quite in the right place on the field to catch it). Atlanta 38 and Kansas City 14. Final score. C’est magnifique.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. There was so much red (and white) on the field! It was like a whirlpool of ketchup, marshmallows, and Santa Claus.

2. After the commercial break in the middle of the first quarter, the camera went to a high-angle, medium shot of a Falcons fan who was dressed in a home-made costume of a falcon. It looked home-made. His beak was fashioned from a football. Pretty creative.

3. After Brent Grimes intercepted Tyler Thigpen’s pass in the second quarter, the commentators, Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker, mentioned that as a franchise, the Falcons do not go up against the Chiefs very often. Their last game was in 2004. Michael Turner has, however, played against them many times when he was a San Diego Charger. He knows their style and they know his abilities.

4. During a replay of Michael Turner’s TD in the third quarter, I heard off-screen shouts of “well done Michael Turner!” from a male voice.

5. Is it my imagination or did Falcons head coach Mike Smith not receive as much screen time today as he has in the past games?

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The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 38 to 13. Click here for the details.

Cold Noodles embossed with the Falcons

I’ve got a story about a few of the Atlanta Falcons’ rookies to share and it all started with naeng-myun, or cold Korean buckwheat noodles. It reached 90 degrees in Atlanta today, and after I left work I felt like having a bowl of naeng-myun. I went with my mom and sister to the Super H-Mart in John’s Creek. The merchant didn’t quite have the cold noodles, but had a variation called “jang ban myun” if memory serves correctly.

We then went across the street to the Mozart Bakery where I got a green tea smoothie bubble tea. Then, we were debating where to go to take a walk. Container Store? Northpoint Mall (nah, we were there yesterday). And we settled on Perimeter Mall. We nearly always park at the Nordstrom’s deck. Upon entering the mall, I saw a group of people gathered along the railing between the Falcons store and J.Crew. My eyes grew big.

“Fan meeting!”

Despite a few moments’ hesitation, I knew I had to get in line–the timing couldn’t have been more ideal given that Sitting Pugs is practically a one year-old. My mom had my dad drop by the digital camera. I went to the Falcons store and purchased a towel to be used as a canvas for the collection of John Hancocks.

Behold (in order of ‘appearance’):

Click here for full picture.

Now, Behold the finished product:

The Whose What close-up:

In order that the towel was signed:

1. Cornerback Wilrey Fontenot drew me a smiley face.

2. Offensive tackle Sam Baker’s favorite number is 50.

3. Linebacker Curtis Lofton’s favorite color is green.

4. Running back Thomas Brown.

5. Quarterback Matt Ryan drew me a pig (I had requested a farm animal ^Y^).

Click here for a picture of Matt Ryan in the process of decorating my towel.

6. Cornerback Chevis Jackson’s favorite car is a BMW 750Li.

7. Safety Thomas DeCoud also drew me a smiley face.

8. Defensive end Kroy Biermann (I asked him what his favorite state was; he said “Montana”).

9. Linebacker Robert James was told he could write anything he wanted, and so he wrote, “To #1 Fan.”

10. Tight end Keith Zinger.

11. Wide receiver Harry Douglas’s favorite candy is Starburst.


In case you couldn’t tell, I’m wearing my new, new glasses in the photos.

Closing note: I’m 3 to 5 years older than all these rookies.