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US Army All-American Bowl 2008: Go East.

Comprised of the eighty most promising high school football players, the US Army All-American Bowl (in San Antonio, TX at the Alamo Dome and televised on NBC) progressed as podium for players to announce their choice in college and the was the last time they would play high school level football. The two teams consisted of the East (clad in all black) and the West (in yellow pants, white tops, and yellow helmets).

Terrelle Pryor quarterbacked for the East and made the first touchdown of the game. Dan Buckner, wide receiver for the West, tied the game in the bottom of the first quarter. East wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin’s TD in the top of the second quarter gave his team the lead. The point gap decreased with a West field goal just past the middle of the second quarter. DeAndre Brown, wide receiver for the East, made a touchdown in the bottom of the second quarter (extra point no good). Going into halftime, East 20 and West 10.

The third quarter began with a fifty-six yard touchdown by the West’s wide receiver Michael Floyd. Wide receiver John Goodman of the East increased his team’s lead with a touchdown in the very bottom of the third quarter (extra kick no good). East 26. West 17.

I had to go run an errand and didn’t get to watch the rest of the game. I’m having difficulty locating a final score. I’m guessing East won because they were in the lead halfway through the fourth quarter.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. From the high-angle long shot point-of-view, the players literally looked like a clump of yellow jackets.

2. There was no blue line of scrimmage or 1st and Ten Line graphic. I can do without the line of scrimmage graphic. There was no down-yardage graphic either. Surprisingly, it took me two quarters to realize the last one wasn’t there.

3. Andrew Luck quarterbacked for the West (until Dayne Crist switched with him sometime in the second quarter).

4. West running back Sam McGuffie’s ability to hurdle over opponents is due to his gymnastic background (started in third grade).

5. There was an eating competition in the days before the game–the West won.

6. Marquies Gray took over quarterbacking duties for the East at some point in the first half (second quarter I think). Terrelle Pryor was QB’ing again in the third quarter. In the bottom of the third quarter, one of the commentators noted that Pryor would only QB on every third series. Ah Soudesuka.

7. Terrelle Pryor received the US Army All-American player of the year award. He and the correspondent were standing screen-left; the award presenter on the right. Pryor looked exceedingly tall and a tad distracted. I couldn’t tell where he was looking at offscreen.

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