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College Football 2009: UGA munches on GaTech

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets outscored the UGA Bulldogs by three points nearly a year ago in Athens.  Tonight, the Dawgs rode over to the capital city to try to save some face.  Broadcast on ABC, and narrated by Matt Millen and Sean McDonough, the first quarter began with the Bulldogs on offense.  Half a dozen plays into the game, Bulldogs running back Washaun Ealey got into the red zone with a thirty-four yard run.  His teammate Caleb King made a touchdown on the following play.  UGA 7 and GaTech 0.  The Yellow Jackets did decently when they took their turn with the ball, despite running back Roddy Jones’s near fumble-non-recovery.  Yellow Jackets’ first go at scoring was a failed field goal.  The next Bulldogs possession yielded a fumble that was recovered by the Yellow Jackets.  Quarterback Josh Nesbitt had to step out of the game after he was brought down to the ground.

The second quarter started with Scott Blair making a forty-two yard field goal to get his Yellow Jackets a few numbers.  UGA 7 and GaTech 3.  Would it be a broken record for the Yellow Jackets’ defense?  Every other tackle one of them has trouble getting up?  The Bulldogs increased their lead with a field goal in the middle of the quarter.  UGA 10 and GaTech 3.  Jaybo Shaw threw an interception–into the bosom of Reshad Jones–when stepping back onto the field for Nesbitt.  The Bulldogs separated themselves ever more with a Michael Moore TD catch in the end zone.  UGA 17 and GaTech 3.  Josh Nesbitt went back onto the field in the bottom of the quarter.

The Yellow Jackets got a much-needed adrenaline and confidence booster in the top of the third quarter with a seventy-six yard rushing TD by wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.  UGA 17 and GaTech 10.  The Bulldogs spat right back with a seventy-five yard rushing TD by Caleb King.  UGA 24 and GaTech 10.  Yellow Jacket running back Jonathan Dwyer jumped over the goal line and into the end zone in the middle of the third quarter.  UGA 24 and GaTech 17.  For every figurative step forward that the Yellow Jackets made, the Bulldogs hop-scotch over two steps…if not in actual score then certainly in morale.  Two words: Washaun Ealey.  Or in the bottom of the third quarter, Blair Walsh.  He kicked out a field goal.  UGA 27 and GaTech 17.  Josh Nesbitt fumbled the ball in the stomach pit bottom of the quarter.

The Yellow Jackets kept the Bulldogs to a field goal as the fourth quarter started.  UGA 30 and GaTech 17.  Inching halfway through the quarter, Josh Nesbitt arguably got his upper body across the goal line.  Would the booth review concur?  Replay officials decided the ball was short of the end zone.  On the second go, Nesbitt definitely got over the line.   A fifty-five yard field goal attempt by Blair Walsh was no good in the bottom of the fourth quarter.  With under two minutes left to play, both Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets fans perched at the edge of their seats, what could GaTech do to execute the marvelous?  Three long but incomplete passes; Demaryius Thomas unable to hold onto the ball.  UGA 30 and GaTech 24.   Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  During the commercial break before kick-off, sideline footage included an extreme close-up of Russ, stand-in for the late Loran’s Best.

2.  UGA wore red jerseys, GaTech wore white; they looked like ketchup and honey-dijon mustard.

3.  One of the cameras caught former UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford standing on the sidelines of his alma mater.

4.  An elderly gentleman, who was watching the game from the UGA sidelines, was knocked down inadvertently when linebacker Darryl Gamble made a late hit on Demaryius Thomas.  One of the Bulldogs players could be seen in the background asking the man if he was all right.

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College Football: GaTech chicken rotisserie skewers Miss State

A brilliant Saturday breeze in Atlanta, GA. The Mississippi State Bulldogs stepped into the eastern time zone to thumb-war with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Televised on my local CW station, the first quarter ended with two touchdowns by the Yellow Jackets, thanks to running back Embry Peeples and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Mississippi State’s running back Anthony Dixon made a swift seventy-yard run towards the end zone soon thereafter but he stopped eight yards before the goal line. There was also a missed field goal. Yellow Jackets quarterback Jaybo Shaw put the ball in the end zone himself halfway through the second quarter. GaTech 21 and Miss State 0. With fewer than forty seconds on the clock, Bulldogs quarterback Wesley Carroll nearly threw a touchdown pass, but Yellow Jackets safety Morgan Burnett intercepted the ball at the one-yard line. Beautifully executed.

The third quarter began with Miss State’s possession. GaTech’s turn started at less than ideal field position (their own eleven yard line). After the snap, Yellow Jackets running back Jonathan Dwyer ran eighty-eight yards for a TD. Bellisimo. GaTech 28. Miss State 0. The Yellow Jackets gained three more points with a field goal. The fourth quarter upped the shine for the Yellow Jackets as running back Greg Smith made a forty-five yard TD run. GaTech 38 and Miss State 0.

That is until nearly the midpoint of the fourth quarter. Miss State’s running back Robert Elliot made a touchdown. Nevertheless, final score GaTech 38 and Miss State 7.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. John Heisman was head coach at Georgia Tech from 1904 to 1915, as the commentators mentioned seconds before the end of the second quarter.

2. GaTech’s third quarter field goal could’ve been a TD by Jaybo Shaw, but a chop block penalty nullified it.

3. In the fourth quarter, the commentators discussed briefly the Yellow Jackets’ redesigned uniforms. The gold is a bit more yellow (to me). Russell Athletic provided the costuming. Here’s what the Yellow Jackets looked like before.

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