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NFL 2012: Falcons torpedo the Broncos on Monday Night Football

The Atlanta Falcons hosted the Denver Broncos tonight on Monday Night Football.  Televised by ESPN, the first quarter began with a dropped jaws as Falcons safety William Moore intercepted Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.  Shortly thereafter, Falcons running back Michael Turner almost made a touchdown after two attempts.  The third time was a charm — a running charge, a leap atop a pile of bodies to break the plane.  Atlanta 7 and Denver 0.

Peyton Manning didn’t get too much time with the ball because he threw another interception (into the waiting grip of Falcons safety Thomas Decoud).  This turnover resulted in a field goal.  Atlanta 10 and Denver 0.  Falcons’ defense intensified as cornerback Robert McClain intercepted Peyton Manning halfway through the first quarter.  No score came out of that one.  Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno lost control of the ball when a Falcons knocked it away; there was a scramble to recover it.  The officials ruled that it became a Falcons ball.

The Falcons increased their lead with a field goal and then a TD (courtesy of tight end Tony Gonzalez) by the middle of the second quarter.  Atlanta 20 and Denver 0.  With under two minutes to play, Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas almost made a TD but William Moore broke that one up.  Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson got his hand in the way of another Broncos near-TD.  Peyton Manning was then brought to the ground before he could make a pass.  The Broncos finally put some numbers on the board with under ten seconds left when Demaryius Thomas was able to hold onto the ball and have two feet in the end zone.  Going into halftime, Atlanta 20 and Denver 7.

The third quarter’s momentum stalled somewhat compared to the first two quarters until Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan connected with wide receiver Roddy White for a TD.  Atlanta 27 and Denver 7.  The fourth quarter saw an increase in the Broncos’ score with a Willis McGahee TD.  He made another end zone trip in the bottom of the quarter.  Atlanta 27 and Denver 21.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico provided commentary.  (The names were not overlain correctly.  During pre-game segment, Gruden was sitting screen left and Tirico was screen right.  When they were introduced just before the start of the game, they had switched places but the titles didn’t).

2.  Some women use clothes as a security blanket or a mirror, a portal into their soul or an instrument in social commentary.  Clothes can be armor or a costume, a gateway into a different persona.  I wonder if there are young men who pursue a career in professional sports partly because the uniform enables them to inhabit a mentality that would otherwise be unacknowledged or silenced.

3.  Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards received a personal foul flag during a scuffle after the fourth Broncos turnover in the bottom of the first quarter.  There was some pushing and shoving.

4.  Sweet bobar with taro! I’m older than Willis McGahee by several months!

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NFL 08: Broncos rip-tide the Falcons

The ornithological perseverance of Atlanta awaited the equestrian bounty of Denver today at a full house in the Georgia Dome.  Televised by CBS, the first quarter started with two incomplete passes on the Falcons’ part.

Upon an initial glance, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler gave Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan a hefty jaunt for the moolah.  Not yet halfway through the first quarter and Broncos rookie fullback Peyton Hillis rammed his body through Falcons defense into the end zone for a touchdown.  Ticking to the bottom of the first quarter, the Falcons kicker Jason Elam sent a forty-six yard field goal retort.  Denver 7 and Atlanta 3.  The quarter concluded with a thirty-five yard complete pass between Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White.

The second quarter inched the Falcons points up with another field goal.  Merde that equestrian bounty.  Broncos rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal returned the kickoff for fifty-eight yards to the Atlanta thirty-eight yard line.  A few subsequent mistakes on Denver’s part, however, left them with a forty-nine yard field goal attempt, which kicker Matt Prater sailed wide left.  The next Falcons’ possession culminated in a marvelous Ryan-White connection (thirty-five yards), which proceeded with a touchdown courtesy of running back Michael Turner.  Atlanta 13 and Denver 7.   The score remained unchanged going into halftime.

The third quarter hauled in a Broncos touchdown by tackle Ryan Harris.  Denver back on top with 14 points.   That equestrian bounty did some more trampling when cornerback Dre Bly intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass meant for Roddy White in the bottomish portion of the third quarter.   That maneuver ended in a field goal.  Broncos 17 and Falcons 13.

The fourth quarter began with a fantabulous second touchdown by Michael Turner.  The Falcons reclaimed their perch 20 to 17.   But not for long.  Broncos tight end Daniel Graham caught a TD pass in the middle of the quarter.   He then dunked the ball across the  goal posts’ crossbar.   Denver 24 and Atlanta 20.   Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon provided commentary today.

2. Between snaps during the Falcons’ first possession in the first quarter, the camera cut to Matt Ryan’s face.  Despite the non-results of those snaps, and the noticeable look of mild panic and frustration, Ryan’s eyes emitted spirit and possibility.  Endless possibilities.  The top of the second quarter evoked “determination” and “ferocity.”

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‘Tis the Season: Bears snuck past the Broncos in overtime

My head aches.

I wanted to point something about the way the kick-off and punt returns have been filmed in the game between the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos (on CBS). Looking at this season as well as recent seasons, the telecast producers usually start with the camera filming at a high angle long shot of the field from behind the kicker (end zone-end zone), switch to the high angle long shot of the kicking team on the move (side lines-side lines), and end with the receiving team/kick-off/punt returner letting the ball fall wherever it fell or attempting to run up the field.

In this game, the kick-off/punt return tended to be filmed from one perspective: behind the kicking/punting team (end zone-zone a la Madden Football). But then, towards the bottom of the third quarter, after Bears punt/kick returner Devin Hester made an eighty-eight yard kick-off return TD (not long after he had made a seventy-five punt return TD), the camera decided to go with the high angle side lines-side lines POV. At the bottom of the fourth quarter, the high angle end zone-end zone was back in operation. These decisions aren’t arbitrary. The producers know that if Hester can work his magic again, they might as well try varying points-of-view.

This game was very exciting (rain! rain!) not only because of turnovers and turnovers and interceptions, but also because of Hester’s near back-to-back return touchdowns. In fact, he is the second player in NFL history to have made a kick-off and punt return touchdown in the same game.

Another TD play worthy of a spotlight: top of the fourth quarter, Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler made a touchdown despite being hit by a bundle of Bears. He caught the ball and as he was brought down by the Bears defense, the ball rolled down his torso and he caught it with his knees. He stood up holding the ball. At this point in the game, the score was Denver 34 and Chicago 20. Bears wide receiver Bernard Berrian‘s TD catch with less than a minute on the clock in the fourth quarter must receive a shout out too. The extra point was good. Chicago tied the game for a third time. 34 to 34.

After playing in overtime for approximately a minute, a field goal gave the Bears a victory, saving their season. 37 to 34.

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