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AFC Divisional 2009: Ravens inverse reciprocal the Titans

On a cloudy, rainy, and fifty-three degree afternoon, Baltimore Ravens put on the oven mitts in a gridiron show-down with the Tennessee Titans for the AFC Divisional title in the latter’s home state. Broadcast on CBS, the first quarter marched down to about four-and-half minutes before anyone got a number: Titans running back Chris Johnson slide-winded into the front, right corner of the end zone. Tennessee 7 and Baltimore 0. The Ravens snapped back with a forty-eight yard touchdown pass between quarterback Joe Flacco and wide receiver Derrick Mason. Both teams 7.

The second quarter began with pin-your-hands-on-the-ballie as an awkward Titans snap let the ball shimmy all over the turf before quarterback Kerry Collins landed on the ball. After a stellar series of passes and runs by the Titans, Collins threw an interception. Ravens cornerback Samari Rolle grabbed the ball. The Titans breathed a sigh of relief because the Ravens were unable to take advantage of the turnover. In under a minute left to play, Titans running back Lendale White lost control of the ball and Ravens safety Jim Leonhard recovered. Going into halftime, the score was still 7 t0 7.

The third quarter nibbled for six minutes until Ravens head coach John Harbaugh challenged whether or not Titans tight end Bo Scaife had possession of the ball at the Baltimore twenty-eight yard line. He won the challenge. Titans kicker Rob Bironas then tried but didn’t make a fifty-one yard field goal. With fewer than two minutes to in the quarter, Joe Flacco connected spectacularly with Ravens wide receiver Mark Clayton.

The fourth quarter opened with Ravens kicker Matt Stover gave his team the lead with a field goal. Baltimore 10 and Tennessee 7. The Titans responded with offensive energy but what might have been one or two plays shy of touchdown or field goal became a turnover as tight end Alge Crumpler was tackled and Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington landed on the fumbled ball. The Titans defense was relentless in keeping the Ravens from making any kind of progress. A Titans field goal tied the game 10 to 10 towards the bottom of the quarter. Would the Ravens keep the game from going into overtime? Would Matt Stover be able to nail the forty-three yard field goal attempt? Yes! Ravens 13 and Titans 10. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf provided commentary.

2. Ravens tackle Willie Anderson stepped out of the game in bottom of the second quarter. Sidelines footage revealed him wincing and furrowing his eyebrows. He came back in the second quarter.

3. Derrick Mason’s first quarter TD was the result of not just and incredible throw and catch, but also an incredible roll. One of the Titans got to Mason, and the two of them ended up rolling into/onto the front, right corner of the end zone.

4. On account of the rain and colliding with the Titans, many of the Ravens’ white jerseys were stained with splotches of light blue. The Titans’ jerseys in turn bore green patches from the turf.

5. In the top of the fourth quarter, Dan Dierdorf (I believe) remarked that the Titans’ offense had pretty much “slept through the third quarter.”

6. Chris Johnson didn’t return to the game in the second half, did he? Somewhere in the middle of the third quarter I noticed that he was on the sidelines with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

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‘Tis the Season: Colts featherdust the Ravens

The Indianapolis Colts on field with the Baltimore Ravens. Wow, what a heart-wringing night for Baltimore.

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne made the first touchdown of the evening in the first quarter. During Indianapolis’s next possession (via fumble recovery), running back Joseph Addai made a TD. Addai made another one by the end of the first quarter (resulting from a turnover from an interception). Colts 21. Ravens 0. The Colts got a safety at the end of the first quarter, giving them two points. Addai gave his team another TD in the top of the second quarter. Ravens return specialist/wide receiver Yamon Figurs made a 94-yard kick-off return TD in the top of the second quarter. Colts 30. Ravens 7. Indianapolis wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez made a 57-yard TD. And then it was halftime.

The third quarter more or less started with a touchdown from Colts Anthony Gonzalez. Indianapolis 44. Baltimore 7. In the top of the fourth quarter, Ravens wide receiver Devard Darling made a TD. The two-point conversion was not successful. Under two minutes left of play in the fourth quarter, Ravens backup quarterback Troy Smith (who went into the game for Kyle Boller in the bottom of the fourth quarter) ran into the end zone for a touchdown. Colts 44. Ravens 20. And then the game was over.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Tonight’s telecast of Sunday Night Football did not begin with an extreme close-up of Al Michaels. I’m so happy. After the Faith Hill credit sequence, the first image on screen was of the Ravens running out from the underbelly of the stadium, which then cut to a zoom-out shot of a little kid in Ravens fan attire, which then cut to a slight low angle close-up of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, which then cut to a medium close-up of Al Michaels.

2. I love the way John Madden holds a microphone. His hand is so big in comparison. It looks like a child holding a lollipop.

3. What is wrong with Pioneer? A third eye in the sternum? A mouth with teeth for an iris? Ears as fingertips? What are we, trying to be Salvador Dali? The tag line reads: Seeing and hearing like never before. If the idea is to suggest that with a Pioneer Kuro TV, the viewer can experience aural and visual stimuli in a whole new way, emphasizing the blurring of lines between the world transmitted through the monitor and the world outside of the monitor would efficiently convey the message. How does the making strange of body parts effectively sell a flatscreen television? Going solely for bizarre-memorable?

4. After Joseph Addai made his second touchdown in the first quarter, John Madden pointed out how discouraged Ravens head coach Brian Billick must be feeling and then added, “And now it’s raining.” Adorable. John Madden is adorable.

5. Towards the end of the first quarter, when the camera cut to John Madden and Al Michaels standing in their booth, Michaels remarked something along the lines of “when people ask ‘what’s wrong with the Ravens,’ it’s never one thing.”

6. There was a brief segment of archival footage consisting of news reports about the Colts relocating themselves to Indiana in 1984. Apparently, ever since they left, whenever the Colts play in Baltimore, their name on the scoreboard reads “Indy” instead of “Colts.”

7. With six minutes left in the second quarter, the camera got a shot of the Ravens band in the stands. Al Michaels said that the Ravens band would perform during halftime and that “Baltimore hates Indianapolis. Cleveland hates Baltimore,” somebody else hates/loves somebody…”and we love Paris in the spring time.” John Madden added a comment about the rivalry and then asked Al, “what was that in the spring time again?” Al replied, “Paris.”

8. The play that ended with the Anthony Gonzalez TD in the third quarter began with a dual split-screen. The top half of the screen consisted of two squares, Peyton Manning in close-up on the left (facing the camera), and Joseph Addai’s back on the right (facing away from the camera). The bottom of the screen was the standard high angle extreme long shot of the field.

9. Colts linebacker Gary Brackett intercepted two Ravens passes tonight (the second prevented Baltimore from scoring a TD).

10. When Jim Sorgi went into the game in the middle of the third quarter for Peyton Manning, Al Michaels mentioned that Sorgi has a higher passing record than the starting quarterback.

11. In the remaining seconds of the third quarter, Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason caught a pass from Kyle Boller. He ran four yards to the Indianapolis 9 yard line before being tackled by Colts defensive back Tim Jennings. His left shoe flew off in the process. During the slow-motion instant replays, Al Michaels pointed out the projectile shoe and the camera went to an extreme close-up of it. A very beautiful black and blue Nike too (I can’t find a visual aid).

12. John Madden confessed at the top of the fourth quarter that he isn’t keen on crab cakes or shellfish (“crab, shrimp, mussels, and stuff like that”). This shellfish remark occurred about ten “real time” minutes after the initial crab mention. At one point, the camera went to a medium close-up of a Colts fan eating a sub sandwich of some kind–looked like a sloppy joe or a meatball sandwich to me.
13. Madden also pointed out that the Colts appearance the playoffs this year would be head coach Tony Dungy’s ninth consecutive trip to post-season games.

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