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NFL 08: Broncos rip-tide the Falcons

The ornithological perseverance of Atlanta awaited the equestrian bounty of Denver today at a full house in the Georgia Dome.  Televised by CBS, the first quarter started with two incomplete passes on the Falcons’ part.

Upon an initial glance, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler gave Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan a hefty jaunt for the moolah.  Not yet halfway through the first quarter and Broncos rookie fullback Peyton Hillis rammed his body through Falcons defense into the end zone for a touchdown.  Ticking to the bottom of the first quarter, the Falcons kicker Jason Elam sent a forty-six yard field goal retort.  Denver 7 and Atlanta 3.  The quarter concluded with a thirty-five yard complete pass between Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White.

The second quarter inched the Falcons points up with another field goal.  Merde that equestrian bounty.  Broncos rookie wide receiver Eddie Royal returned the kickoff for fifty-eight yards to the Atlanta thirty-eight yard line.  A few subsequent mistakes on Denver’s part, however, left them with a forty-nine yard field goal attempt, which kicker Matt Prater sailed wide left.  The next Falcons’ possession culminated in a marvelous Ryan-White connection (thirty-five yards), which proceeded with a touchdown courtesy of running back Michael Turner.  Atlanta 13 and Denver 7.   The score remained unchanged going into halftime.

The third quarter hauled in a Broncos touchdown by tackle Ryan Harris.  Denver back on top with 14 points.   That equestrian bounty did some more trampling when cornerback Dre Bly intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass meant for Roddy White in the bottomish portion of the third quarter.   That maneuver ended in a field goal.  Broncos 17 and Falcons 13.

The fourth quarter began with a fantabulous second touchdown by Michael Turner.  The Falcons reclaimed their perch 20 to 17.   But not for long.  Broncos tight end Daniel Graham caught a TD pass in the middle of the quarter.   He then dunked the ball across the  goal posts’ crossbar.   Denver 24 and Atlanta 20.   Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon provided commentary today.

2. Between snaps during the Falcons’ first possession in the first quarter, the camera cut to Matt Ryan’s face.  Despite the non-results of those snaps, and the noticeable look of mild panic and frustration, Ryan’s eyes emitted spirit and possibility.  Endless possibilities.  The top of the second quarter evoked “determination” and “ferocity.”

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Orange Bowl 2008: University of Kansas rocked Virginia Tech’s boat

Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida.  The University of Kansas Jayhawks and the Virginia Tech Hokies matched skill, speed, and luck for the Orange Bowl prize (game on Fox).

Just past the midpoint of the first quarter, Kansas cornerback Aqib Talib intercepted Hokies Tyrod Taylor pass for a touchdown (Talib was subsequently flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct because he “high-stepped” into the end zone).  The top of the second quarter gave Kansas a field goal.   In the middle of the second quarter, Jayhawks wide receiver Marcus Henry made a TD.  Kansas 17 and Virginia Tech 0.   At the bottom of the second quarter, Hokies tailback
Branden Ore made a touchdown.  Going into halftime, Jayhawks 17 and Hokies 7.

The third quarter began with some odd technical difficulties as the audio consisted of the stadium PA announcer while the images were of a Florida Gators player.  Cut to commercial.  Hokies split end Justin Harper made an eighty-four yard punt return TD, giving his team 14 points at the top of the second quarter (Eddie Royal actually caught the punt and then quickly tossed it to Harper).   Top of the fourth quarter spelled another TD for Kansas (thanks to an interception by defensive back Justin Thornton, which led to Jayhawks Todd Reesing quarterback making the TD).  Kansas 24 and Virginia Tech 14.   The ten point lead the Jayhawks had dwindled down to three after Justin Harper made a touchdown in the bottom of the fourth quarter.   Jayhawks 24. Hokies 21.  And that’s how the game would end.  Kansas has won the 74th Annual Orange Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kansas University’s marching band took to the the field before the game began.  (for some reason, I kept hearing the words “oh when the ants come marching in” in my head).   Virginia Tech’s band followed them (the camera got a high angle medium shot of a female baton twirler: sequenced, quasi-tassled leotard.  Not nearly as bad as in the Cotton Bowl).

2.  There was a short video sequence about the shootings that happened at Virginia Tech last April.

3. The National Anthem was sung by Katharine McPhee.   She also performed the “Star Spangled Banner” on Thanksgiving when the Packers beat the Lions.

4.  Former Cowboys fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston was one of the commentators.  I love Moose Johnston.   He seems like the kind of person one could run into holding an ice cream sundae and if it got all over him, he wouldn’t scowl at you; if it got all over you, he would apologize fifty times.

5. Are the yard numbers at Dolphins Stadium always outlined in orange and I just never noticed?

6. Halftime consisted of ZZ TopShe’s got legs and she knows how to use them–remember that song for all you readers who were born during Reagan’s administration or before?  They performed “Sharp Dressed Man.”  The lights were off, neon green lights shone in streams, and there were hordes of girls on the field clad in silvery/gold costumes (hair up in buns) doing some jazz back-up dancing.

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