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Army vs. Navy 2016: The Black Knights dunk the Midshipmen

The West Point Glee and US Naval Academy Glee Clubs sang the National Anthem today as the Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen got together on the gridiron to out-touchdown and field-goal each other.  Broadcast on CBS, the 117th meetup between these two teams took place in Baltimore, MD and was narrated by Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson.

Navy took to offense first but fumbled the ball.  Army recovered and eventually got a touchdown, courtesy of Andy Davidson. Halfway through the second quarter, he did it again.  With just over a minute left before halftime, Navy threw an interception.  Navy put up some numbers on the scoreboard finally in the top of the third quarter with a touchdown, put in by their quarterback Zach Abey.  They closed the gap with a field goal a possession or two later.  Would Navy seize victory over Army for the fourteenth consecutive year?  Or, would Army keep on to their lead and break the streak?  Entirely possible.  Not long after Navy’s QB ran the ball into the end zone a few minutes into the fourth quarter, Army’s QB Ahmad Bradshaw crossed the goal line for a TD.  21 to 17. Final Score.  They did it.  Army beat Navy for the first time since 2001.

Get game summary, play-by-play, and stats here.


Observations & Miscellany:

1. Other than watching Army cadets, Navy officers and probably Marines march down a piece of land, when else would one see Americans move like the forest and its trees?  A marching band? A very well-organized flash mob?

2. Verne Lundquist wore a lemon yellow tie and Gary Danielson wore a light blue tie.

3. The Midshipmen’s uniforms consisted of yellow helmets, yellow pants, and white jerseys.  The Black Knights went all black.

4. Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe, the 19th century writer of foreboding, gothic tales, was kicked out of the Army?  Meanwhile, there’s an Edgar Allen Poe that plays football for Army.

5. After halftime was over, someone joined Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson in the booth.  He wore a brighter, slightly darker blue tie.  A very long tie to boot.

6. I hope Joe Namath was wearing a faux fur coat.

7. Army’s logo makes me think of the story of Phineas Gage.

NFL 2016: Falcons shred the Packers by one point?!

Oh yes.  I didn’t watch the game but I checked the score on NFL.com and yes, indeedy, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers by one point for a total of 33 to 32.   Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

 photo mck.gif


I didn’t watch the game because I went to see The Handmaiden (2016), Park Chan-Wook‘s adaptation of Sarah Waters’s novel Fingersmith.  Park’s film  is a stunning adaptation and a much more compelling work of visual media than the 2005 BBC TV version starring Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins. As disconcerting as some of the narrative elements are (whether suggested or displayed), there were surprisingly, refreshingly humorous moments too.


The Korean title is 아가씨 (ah ga sshi), which means “miss.”


Check out this Esquire interview for Park’s filmmaking pre-production and production process.

Over Easy

But first, I got new glasses!



Now back to it.  Originally posted on my tumblr (with a different visual aid):

The body (still) (will) remember pain that the mind never named.
The body (still) (will) relive the sensory perception that the mind can’t name.
Until one day the mind becomes haunted by the spectre of its own defensive game – will there be a special teams equipped well enough to coax or even drag out the incendiary filaments of anger much, much delayed?

– yiqi 20 october 2016 7:34 am


I got new lenses for my sunglasses too, but the photo’s lightning ended up being sub-par, so I turned it into a question of what if synaesthesia had you?