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NFL 2021: Washington Football Team celestial-delinquents the Falcons

I tuned into Fox at the top of the fourth quarter today just in time to be delightfully surprised to see the Atlanta Falcons ahead of Washington Football Team (WAFT) 30 to 22.  Shortly thereafter, though, WAFT wide receiver Terry McLaurin made a touchdown.  Instead of a kick for an extra point, WAFT decided to go with a two-point conversion, which failed twice (a defensive offside penalty on Falcons linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. during the first attempt gave WAFT another chance).

At this juncture at the bottom of the fourth quarter, it was equally likely that both Falcons fans and WAFT fans would believe their team could win.  It was highly probable that the Falcons wouldn’t have to exert that much effort in keeping their small lead.  Even if the ball went back to the other team, there was so little time left on the clock to do much of anything offensively.  It was possible that WAFT’s defense could make an interception or the offense could get within field goal range.

Did anyone imagine that WAFT would win with a touchdown?  Oh yes.  They did, thanks to running back JD McKissic.  34 to 30.  Final score.

How was it that the Falcons were in a position to be in the lead through a good chunk of the fourth quarter?  Two WAFT extra points were no good (the first failure was in the second quarter and the other failure was in the third quarter).

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Celestial Delinquent” happens to be the name of a song by Olivia Lufkin that came out in 2004.  I was listening to it when I was running errands earlier in the day and the lyrics made me realize how little consequential, structurally sound, and non-profit-driven changes there have been regarding the health of planet earth.  So many artists, scientists, and activists were voicing their criticisms and concerns decades ago et maintenant?  It just seems like we’ve become even more rotten celestial delinquents.

Here are the lyrics, bolded for emphasis.

You live in a home
With running water and a
Air conditioner and T.V
You have nothing to give and
You have nothing to say
So you sing-a-ling-a-long
Everything is alright
How can one person change the world?
I have to pay my bills
I gotta go to work
The earth is dying
I am so ashamed
We are all to blame
We must raise human consciousness

I want to be up high up with the sun
Disappear completely into love
I want to be up high up where I can
See the secret roads

All you selfish people
Who think of nothing but money
Realize how angry and stressed
You are all the time
When you’re angry you only see things
From a bad angle
That’s why you are going crazy
That why you feel like shit
You’ll never find true happiness
In this state of mind
I want to be up high up with the sun
Disappear completely into love
I want to be up high up where I can
See the secret roads

What’s most important is
Where we were born, where we grow
Where we live
Without Earth we are extinct
Instead of finding ways to live on other planets
We have to find a way to live on our own
Instead of spending so much money on sending space shuttles into space and making weapons for war
Why don’t we use it for making solar electricity, homes, cars, appliances *
Someone is going to have to give in
Somebody is going to lose money
But we can’t be greedy, we can’t be lazy
We have to learn to give and help each other
And rise about this world we created
Rise above fear
We need to share to save the human race
Take the human race into a higher vibration

I want to be up high up with the sun
Disappear completely into love
I want to be up high up where I can
See the secret roads


*Of course, we can do both.  We can keep exploring space as well as improve and expand alternative energy source infrastructure.  In terms of the automotive industry, there has been considerable progress in the kinds of consumer options available.  Think about the number of electric motorvehicles in existence in 2021 compared to 2004, but not everyone who’d want an electric car can have one because of any combination of the following factors:
~ It’s not in the budget.
~ They don’t live in a place where they can charge a car at all (or reliably or safely).
~ They want a CD player in the car and not a glorified tablet to the right of the steering wheel.
~ They already have a gas-powered car that has been paid off and is functioning just fine (and it probably has a CD player).
~ They use a gas-powered motorcycle for transportation and already know how to maintain it, so unless electric motorcycles aren’t cost-prohibitive to maintain and don’t require a ridiculous learning curve, they’re sticking to that which is cost-effective.
~ What if the power goes out mid-charge?

On that note, a gas pump can still work without electricity, but if power outage is widespread enough, it might not matter what form of power powers your power.

NFL 2021: The Falcons push the Giants off the table

You know, the way cats push things off tables.


I watched the last four minutes of the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants today.  Neither team won their first two games of the regular season, so a victory in the third game would be a moral and statistical boon.  I tuned into Fox right after the Falcons tied the score 14 to 14 with a touchdown (thanks to tight end Lee Smith) with just over four minutes left in the fourth quarter.  The Falcons won this one with a field goal at the very end of the quarter.  17 to 14.  Final score.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 2021: The Buccaneers aluminum foil the Falcons

When I saw that the Atlanta Falcons were going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, I thought to myself, “What’s the point?  Tom Brady is just going to let the other team put as many points as they feel like in the first half of the game and then pull out a can of TD-arse in the middle of the third quarter.”  The game didn’t unfold quite like that, but it might as well have.  Tampa Bay was always in the lead, but by the bottom of the third quarter, the Falcons had narrowed the score gap down to 28 to 25 (on account of running back Cordarrelle Patterson’s touchdown and Matt Ryan’s leap into the end zone during a two-point conversion attempt).

The fourth quarter revealed Tom Brady’s modus operandi in offensiveness, which is to consider the opponent’s scoring as a challenge and then respond with a TD (courtesy of wide receiver Chris Godwin), bringing his team’s lead to 35 to 25.  What began as a hypothetically still winnable game for the Falcons soon turned unrealistic as the Buccaneers’ defense spat out back-to-back interceptions-for-touchdowns (thanks to safety Mike Edwards).  Final score 48 to 25.


Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 2021: The Eagles sour candy the Falcons

When was the last time the Atlanta Falcons did not start the first quarter with great momentum and excellent game-play offensively and defensively only to stumble (even when no sacks or interceptions occur), lose energy traction, and steadily spiral into a score deficit by the middle of the third quarter that could not realistically be overcome?

Audrey Tautou - En noir et blanc

The Philadelphia Eagles were in Atlanta today and sure showed the Falcons which team’s new head coach could sleep a bit more restfully tonight.  The Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni may or may not have deliberately saved his players’ best athletic moves for the second half of the game, whereas the Falcons’ head coach Arthur Smith was undoubtedly hoping that in the first game of the regular season (played at home no less), that the Falcons would break their aforementioned pattern of starting off strong and progressing with lukewarm outcomes.

The first two quarters of the game demonstrated that each team had the offensive and defensive chops to keep the game-play exciting (nevermind all the penalties in the second quarter), but by the middle of the third quarter, it became evident that an Eagles fan would be having a much better time watching the rest of the game.  Two Falcons field goals were all that Atlanta fans had to grasp onto while Philadelphia fans could pride themselves in four touchdowns (courtesy of wide receiver Devonta Smith, tight end Dallas Goedert, running back Kenneth Gainwell, wide receiver Jalen Reagor) and a two-point conversion (thanks to running back Miles Sanders).  With a minute or so left in the fourth quarter, the Eagles put up a field goal.  32 to 6.  Final score.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

The game was televised on Fox.  I very much liked the illustrated player portraits that appeared at various points throughout the game.  Will I be watching the Falcons next week?  Ne ne sais pas, c’est possible.

The upside for both teams after week one is that Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts knows he has a good athletic rapport with his teammates and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan knows where and how he must improve with his.  It is preferable in a competitive sports environment to strive to be better than it is to endeavor to maintain a certain level of performance, right?

But will Julio Jones get a Funko Pop in blue?

Three years ago I obtained a Julio Jones Funko Pop doll.  The former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver is now a Tennessee Titan.


I’ve wondered in the past if “it’s easier to or even feasible to cheer for a specific player or a team as a whole vis-a-vis basketball, baseball, football, futbol, hockey, or rugby (and volleyball if we want to go there).  Some fans don’t care so much who is dunking, pitching, making touchdowns, or scoring goals so long as their team wins. Other fans pay much more attention to specific players and will transfer their support wherever these players go.”

I’m looking forward to football this year in a way that I really haven’t in a very long time.  I’m curious to see how close the Falcons will get to the playoffs with a new head coach and general manager and how well Julio will do in the Volunteer State.  If he impresses as much as he did when he was a Falcon, will he get a Titan Funko Pop doll?  If so, I’m definitely going to get one.