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The Elmira Express

As in Ernie Davis the Elmira Express.  Certainly not this Elmyra, the one that will “love you and kiss you and hug you and never use you up.”  I saw and reviewed The Express (Gary Fleder, 200eight) for FilmThreat.  The film is based on Robert C. Gallagher’s book.

Here is an excerpt:

“The Express” sets out to tell the story of Ernie Davis and his history-making accomplishments in football. Ernie wasn’t just the first African-American to receive the Heisman; he was also the first Orangeman to win it. Furthermore, before he was on the team, Syracuse had yet to win a National Championship. In portraying the difficulties that the Orangemen face in keeping their focus on the game while simultaneously remembering that they are battling against something beyond the parameters of the field and the rules of athletic engagement, “The Express” doesn’t resort to the overly sentimental and conventional method of heartstrings’ tugging.

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There are approximately a dozen practice sequences and half a dozen game sequences in the film.  The game-play is dynamically rendered.  Occasionally disorientating editing fuels suspense, particularly for viewers that do not already know the history of Syracuse University (and thus already know outcome of the games depicted on screen).

Rob Brown plays Ernie Davis.  Darrin Dewitt Henson plays Jim BrownDennis Quaid plays Syracuse head coach Ben Schwartzwalder.

Visit the film’s official site for more information and goodies.